Some of my worst habits

We all have them: bad habits.

I have them. You have them.

These are some of my bad habits. I apologize if you’re ever affected by them. You’ve been warned.

picking at my split ends – If you have short hair, you have no idea what I’m talking ’bout, Willis. If you have long hair, you know all about those sneaky little forks at the end of your strands. When I’m bored, I pick them off. I noticed this the other day when I was in the car, waiting and waiting, and became engrossed by my hair. Eventually I remembered I had my iPod. It has Tetris and a CSI: Miami game on it.

squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle – I squeeze in the middle every time. Unless the tube is almost empty. THEN I’ll squeeze it from the bottom. Until then, all the action happens in the middle. That’s where it squeezes best, people.

on that note…

leaving toothpaste in the sink – I’m sorry. I often do this. It’s better now that I’m using Tom’s of Maine and it’s white. You can’t really see it.

having a gazillion products around the bathtub – I’m addicted to products and it’s evident in the bathtub. Go into my tub and you’re lucky if you don’t get a concussion from the various bottles falling on you. There’s razors, soaps, face washes, face scrubs… you name it. I should probably commit to a product, but I’m only 29 and holding! Maybe someday I’ll settle down.

laughing at weird/inappropriate times – I’m part Dr. Hibbert. I can’t stop myself sometimes; it just spills out. Sometimes I’m really that happy. Other times, it’s just a reaction. If you catch me laughing at the wrong time, just think of Dr. Hibbert. Hoo ho.

sleeping with a fan on – I don’t know why I love falling to sleep with a fan on; it sounds like I’m sleeping on a plane. I love the breeze on my face, even when it’s cold. I cannot sleep at night without my lovely white noise and wind. When the power goes out, I’m lost.

turning on the wipers without unsticking them first Is it because it’s too cold to get back out of the car and check the wipers? Maybe. It’s hard on the rubber, though. No wonder my wipers sometimes hop around on the windshield. I’m trying to be good though, because I have a new pair on for winter.

singing in the car or with any music in general – Maybe the music’s inside me but I must sing WHENEVER I hear music. Music is meant to be experienced. It’s just too bad if you have to experience my singing. If you see me driving and my mouth’s open, I’m not talking to myself. I’m not talking on my cell phone. The radio’s on.

Jack, wondering if he’s going to be beaned in the head by all the products in the bathtub.

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