Celebrating 200 posts

My handy-dandy WordPress statistics have informed me I’ve hit 200 published posts!

I began this blog in the summer of 2009, when my job wasn’t going so well, and I felt the need to blog as a means of passing time when there were no ads to write. Therefore, the first part of this blog is brought to you by MBS Radio. Thanks Bobby!

It all began here.

Eventually, I began blogging more at home in my spare time. I have a lot of that, living in the country, trying to conserve gas.

Blogging experts (blexperts?) tell you to keep your blog focused; I had no initial focus. Therefore, I called my blog The Daily Hodgepodge. Back then, I was also naive enough to think I would write something every day. Ha! I think there’s a road paved with good intentions. It probably doesn’t have as many holes in it as my road.

Through the years, some things have changed, though I’ve tried to keep it grounded in where I’m from. That’s the one constant. It’s a Nova Scotian blog, specifically one from Southern Nova Scotia. I’m not sure what will happen if I move.

Originally, I had hoped to write little essays on current events. I wanted to be pithy, snarky. Now I’m just snarky for no reason at all.

Recently, I’ve begun focusing more on food and healthy living, mostly because I’m more obsessed with these things of late. The blog changes as I change. I love how a blog is always in flux, and I can change headings and widgets as I please. If you’re a regular reader, you know things don’t stay the same long.

So why do I write what I write?

Well, I don’t talk much about my work, because I’m often engaged in confidential work that cannot be published on the interweb. Definite career suicide. That goes for my volunteering, too.

I don’t talk much about family, because I don’t want to put them on the internet without their permission. And that could be a lot of asking. You have to draw the line somewhere.

So that’s why you get me, nothing but me, so help me me.

These are my golden rules:


Rule One

Don’t swear. You never know who reads your blog. It could be the Pope. Could be the Prime Minister. I’ll never know. Better to be safe than sorry, even if I did vote NDP.


Rule Two

Avoid getting long-winded. People have lives and don’t want to read about mine for hours. If I was Justin Bieber, maybe. Otherwise, I keep it succinct.


Rule Three

Make lots of lists, bulleted and otherwise. Headings are good too. Italics and bold letters help the eye breathe. Not that eyes breathe. But you know what I mean: the blog must be eye-friendly. You can’t be afraid of the white space.


Rule Four

Don’t share anything you wouldn’t share with a random person in line at McDonalds. After all, you never know who will be reading this thing. I don’t want to see my Great Aunt at Frenchy’s and have her say Oh I didn’t know that you… <insert some embarrassing thing you revealed on the blog> It’s safer to keep mum on the things you don’t want people to know. Like that you have herpes or athlete’s foot. Not that I have either. But you catch my drift.


Rule Five

Don’t talk about other people. Blogs are free. If other people want to share something, they’re welcome to get a blog and fill their boots. Otherwise, I keep to my perspective like an online diary (without the mooning over boys’ part).


Rule Six

Try not to use too many big words. Because too many makes me look like a pretentious a-hole. See what I did there, Mr. Pope sir? I didn’t swear. At all.


Rule Seven

Post as many pictures of my pets as possible. You’re welcome, internet. You are welcome.


Rule Eight

Snitch as many awesome ideas from other bloggers, probably why my blog changes from time to time. Once I get me a new idea, I simply have to use it. Frequently. Thank you fellow bloggers! Your royalty cheques are in the mail.

Jack, helping me celebrate.

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