Saturday seven (for lack of a better title)


It was a tough night for power last night! The wind gusted to 100 kilometres an hour. As expected, the power went out.

Then came on.

Then went out again.

And finally decided to come back on.

Without further ado, I drew a bath and washed my hair. Heaven forbid I would have to face today dirty. Blech. I’m booked to do a birthday party at the local grocery store in a few hours. I have to wear a hat and swirl up my hair so it doesn’t drag in the food, but still. I never went through the Nirvana greaser phase. Except for those flannel shirts and army boots.



I am delighted that eating better has been paying off. I feel better. Or at least don’t have the guilt of noshing on a bag of Doritos and having bad breath afterwards (along with that junk food hangover).

Even better, my pants are looser. I can actually pull down my jeans without undoing the zipper.

However, I haven’t lost a single pound. I was hoping I had lost a few pounds, maybe 5. At least 5.

I stepped on the scales that are hidden in the basement and was immensely disappointed. I can see why weight loss is so frustrating. It requires the patience of a saint.



I used to hate tomatoes.

I love ketchup and spaghetti sauce, but have never gotten into raw tomatoes. Thanks to salsa and quesadillas, I am now able to eat tomatoes without scrunching up my nose. I’m excited. Tomatoes are full of goodness and lycopene. And they’re simply beautiful. Go me.



Thanks to my small budget, which will not allow the purchase of Biotherm (I’m not really impressed with companies who test on animals anyway), I’ve been looking for moisturizer alternatives.

So, in lieu of spending $35 on a jar of cream for my face, I have tried two cheap options:

  • Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer (Vitamin A & E) $5.49
  • Jason Aloe Vera Ultra-Comforting Moisturizer Creme $4.45

If you’ll notice, they’re both fairly natural-based products, cruelty free, and available in the organic/natural health section. My new favourite section.

After checking everything out on Beautipedia, which is an online database of reviews from Paula Begoun, the Cosmetics Cop (I have a couple of her books), I was really happy to try the Jason moisturizer, since Jason Naturals usually gets good reviews.

The verdict:

The Kiss My Face Moisturizer is great, though it goes on fairly heavy and white. It’s probably not even meant for faces. I may just use it on my hands.

The Jason Moisturizer, though, is da bomb. It makes my face silky and smooth. I LOVE IT! And it’s only ever as expensive as $7 or so a jar (mine was marked down to $4.45). I’ve had a few pimples as a result of changing up my product, but other than that, I’m in skin care heaven. And no animals had to be tested on!



One of my new favourite blogs is The Cottage of Vinnord. Why? Because I love decorating blogs and this one features the makeover of a beautiful cottage in the Norway countryside. There’s something delightful about peeking into someone’s house, kind of like peeking into their medicine cabinets (not that I do that any more).

I’m keeping this blog in my bookmarks so I can someday steal the ideas and colours for my future house. I can’t get enough blues and greens… ah.

Be sure to check out the Befores & Afters page!



It’s hard getting enough fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. After all, how many salads can you eat?

Select Nova Scotia has a webpage teeming with great recipes featuring local products and produce. I’m eager to try the Scalloped Turnip and Apple.

Please don’t tell anyone about my love affair with turnip; I don’t want them to think I’m 80.



Speaking of new love affairs, I’m enamoured of The Huffington Post. I’m addicted to online news as it is, and this site features delightful commentary along with the country’s top news. I can never get me enough news. I think it’s an obsession.


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