It’s true: I’m heading for 40. Now where’s my Polydent?

I turned 31 today. I don’t know where time has gone. I believe seniors now when they say time moves faster as you get older.

Really, this isn’t possible. Time is time. But for some reason, the older you get, the faster things go.

There was a time (pardon the pun) when I thought 30 was old. Like married old. Like 2.5 kids and a dog and a cat old.

Like minivan old.

Yet here I am, 31, still driving a coupe. I’m sure I could fit a baby seat in there if I had to, but definitely not 2.5 kids and a dog and a cat.

Now that I’ve blown my misconceptions of my 20s out of the water, I wonder what my 30s will hold. In 9 years, when I turn 40, will I look back and think WTF? (That F stands for frigby the way, just in case you were wondering.)

I still like books! And I finally grew into my head.

Quite frankly, I always thought 40 was ancient. Sorry to you middle-aged folk, but it’s true. Back when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, 40 was practically retirement age, never mind that financially, most people won’t be able to retire until they’re 70.

It seemed like just yesterday I was crying out for my parents because the power was off and I couldn’t escape my room. Or needed reassurance because I had the tummy flu. When the flu was gone, I was trying my best to eat meat and potatoes even though I detest potatoes and don’t eat a lot of meat.

Then I was chucking my Nintendo controllers on the floor because Mario wasn’t so super and fell into a flaming pit of lava. New Kids on the Block was playing in the background and there was a poster of the boys on the wall.

It was a time when I loved getting free make up and hand-me-down clothes, the best ones, of course, never going onto the soccer field to get full of grass stains.

Everything starts to blur. Junior high, the teasing, the perms, the mooning over boys and wishing they’d ask you to dance while Boyz II Men or Jon Bon Jovi played.

Just yesterday I got my license, I swear. Actually, I did. But it was for the fifth or sixth time. Hair’s still big even though the perm is long gone.

Essays and projects piled on top of each other and they all had to be done well so I could get good marks and maybe even scholarships. I was pouring over university applications, wondering what I should become.

Terrified to go across the country for the first time, I climbed on a plane to do French immersion in BC. Me. Alone. On a plane. I don’t know how I avoided all the rapists and serial killers.

Then it was college and university, textbook lines and even longer student loan lines. Buying a few groceries and a lot of take out. Nervously watching my precious laundry in the laudromat while people who looked questionable passed through. I don’t know how I avoided all the hobos.

Honestly, where has time gone?

Where has my money gone?

Where did I get that scar?

And who’s phone number is that?

Did I really go out with that guy? And why the heck didn’t I go out with this guy?

Life is short. But at least if you write about it, you have a running record of things so you don’t forget. It all goes so fast that I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to keep track as I get older.

Now which one of you stole my denture cleaner?


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  1. Natasha says:

    I have just found your blog, we moved here from London last March and I smiled when I read your summer of rain post about being at least I dont live in London (too true!) At 36 my life is flying by too but it has slowed down remarkably or seems to have since we moved here, to a place with four distinct seemingly endless seasons, instead of one constant grey, sometimes sunny, place. Now I get an endless ugly Spring (sorry but it is to me), an endless fabulous hot summer, and endless beautiful warm Fall and now an endless cold winter (everyone keeps saying to me, ah but you havent done a Canadian winter yet have you, its just too long) and I think yay, another long season to make my life feel slower. I love your writing by the way

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for stopping by! This is a pretty special place to love, and the four seasons are great, even if this one is a bit frosty! I find it helps to find nice outdoors things to do, like skating or skiing. (Of course it’s also just as nice to hang inside where it’s warm with a cat, a blanket, and a movie!)

  3. novascotiasomni says:

    Boy, if you think 31 is old and time flies, wait until you crack 40 (as I did a few months ago). The good news is, I find what is “old” is indexed to how old you are. When I was in my teens and even 20s, everything 30+ was old. Now, even 50 doesn’t seem that old to me.

    I have been following this blog for awhile and thoroughly enjoy it every time. As a former Acadia student (early 90s) and former South Shore-type (Chester, Bridgewater and even New Ross who also spent A LOT of time in Barss corner with his girlfriend du jour) I love all the references. It makes me homesick pretty much every time. I have been meaning to comment for some time now, but the combo of a NS+getting older post tickled me just right.

    I only get home every 1-2 years (currently stuck in…err, living in Winnipeg), so I need these little tidbits to keep me going in between. Keep up the good work and have a tofu donair for me (they might not actually be that bad with enough sauce).

    1. Julie says:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry for making you homesick, but I hope it’s a little window into what’s happening at home! 🙂

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