Flyer lovin’

Where are they?

Oh, the waiting! Thank goodness it’s a good night on my 2.5 television channels, otherwise I might go batty.

Yes, it’s Thursday. Flyer night. And it’s snowy outside, so I know they’re not coming this evening.

You know flyer night, right? The night when you get your shopping flyers from all the local stores, with all the deals and bargains for the week. The night you get to window shop through the inky pages of coloured newsprint.

Flyers are merely a way for stores to increase their business. But for bargain hunters like me, they can be a great way to plot out your shopping for the week so you can take advantage of all the best deals.

I also enjoy flipping through the pages to see what new products are out. Sometimes I wish for things. I like that shelf. I love that bedspread. And a new Smartphone! I’d really like one of those.

And on and on.

I adore those moments when I curl up on my couch with my cat at my feet, the pages of my papers rattling as I shop from the comfort of my home. In a way, online shopping is not so different from perusing the flyers, except you can actually purchase your items online if you have a credit card. Reviews from other users are pretty groovy too.

Many stores use technology now. Plug in your postal code and the flyer loads up. But I hope they don’t get rid of the paper versions. Scrolling with your mouse is not the same as rattling through the pages.

I’m sure there’s many reasons to get rid of the paper versions. They’re probably terrible for the environment even if most people recycle them. And fossil fuels are burned by those who deliver them. And some of my neighbours let them linger in their driveways for months.

Yet tonight, you can be sure I will be looking out my window many times, awaiting my precious flyers. Even if I don’t want to trudge through the 2 centimetre of snow to pick them out of the newspaper tube.

Thank goodness Grey’s Anatomyis on tonight. That will keep me occupied… that is if I don’t go online to get a sneak peek at this week’s specials.

Even Jack loves the flyers.

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