Organizing my New Year

I’m usually a neat freak, though I’ve gotten away from it the past few years. University will do that do a gal. That and moving 5 times in the past decade.

Though it’s not a formal resolution, I vow to get organized this year. I’m underemployed and working only part-time, so I have lots of time on my hands and no money. And a gal can only sleep so much. (And reference herself as “a gal” ad nauseam. Come to think of it, I hate calling myself a gal when I’m clearly a chick.)

As you can see, I have changed up my theme scheme on this blog. I’ve even changed some of the headings. New Year’s will do that to you. That and some boredom. I like to keep my blog fresh.

Now that my computer is cleaned up, I should fix my other filing system…

I’ve been cleaning up my desktop too. The one on my computer. You know, the place where you dump a gazillion icons.

My clever plan, up to this point, was to put them ALL in a folder marked “File Later” which gathered files over a two year period. This included assignments and PDF journal articles from my last degree. And there were lots of files. On two computers. Oy vey.

Does anyone else feel besieged by information during this, the information age? One project (like my thesis) has dozens upon dozens of files and drafts. My hoarding tendencies are at constant odds with my OCD tendencies. I never know which side will win.

But my computer has been begging me for a clean up. Begging. It holds a whopping 33.1 gigabytes and about 2/3 of the computer is full, likely because of my pictures because I never throw anything away. Ever. I’ll be one of those seniors who dies and is found under 1,000 copies of the local newspaper, knocked over by one of 35 cats.

Yesterday I sat my butt down in my computer chair (okay, so not much changed from any other day) and saved all my files. Then I did a disk clean up, which seemed to do the trick.

Now I can run TweetDeck without slowing down Google Chrome. Thanks to my flash fingers, I can usually work faster than my computer, so it’s important my computer is running at its best. Otherwise I type and wait five minutes for my sentence to appear on the screen.

I’m feeling all proud of myself for having tidied up my computer. Now to tackle the rest of my office AKA a corner in the living room. That’s tomorrow’s job.

Please ignore the cats on my chair. I am not a crazy cat lady.


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  1. julillyac says:

    Isn’t organizing computer files the worst? For some reason I find it so much easier when you can pick something up and hold it your hand, then put it to the side rather than having to keep scrolling back and forth through dozens of files!

    1. Author says:

      It is the worst! And I have gotten lazy with naming my files, meaning they have random titles that make no sense months later.Then I have to go in and see what they’re all about. Boourns!

  2. Damara says:

    It took me a moment to realize you weren’t referring to an actual living breathing cat on your chair. I need a nap.

    I have a “Random Folder” with miscellaneous files and whatnot. A few months I weeded out all my school files, and deleted 95%. I saved a few projects and that was it. Haven’t regretted it yet.

    1. Author says:

      Today I did my paper files and feel so liberated my trashing the useless stuff. Maybe I can do the same with my digital files! I’m sure I wouldn’t regret it either.

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