Hi tofu, nice to meet you

The purchase of tofu was not a New Year’s resolution thing. In fact, it’s been sitting in the fridge for weeks in its Liberte package. Basically, until I could decide how to make it. Because I have never eaten tofu before, made by anyone much less me.

So tonight I tried it. Finally.

It seemed a pretty safe thing, since I had lots of macaroni and cheese leftover from my previous meal. (I always makes lots! I even have three portions in the freezer for “microwave” meals.) If the tofu was a bust, I could always fill up on mac and cheese.

A pack of tofu lasts awhile, costs $1.99 if you can find it on sale, and is fairly easy to use.

I like fried food. And you can fry tofu. So it seemed a good way to introduce myself to tofu. (After all, I always said I’d eat dog poop if it was fried. I wouldn’t really, but hyperbole is fun times a billion.)

I mixed up some whole wheat breadcrumbs, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, and a weeeeee bit of salt. I tried rolling my sliced lumps of tofu (which looked like erasers) in the crumbs themselves, but quickly beat an egg to help the battering process.

The breadcrumbs burned a bit, so I tried my fried chicken batter (basically rolling meat or tofu in egg, then covering with salted, peppered flour). I also tried frying some slices au natural.

Final verdict?

The tofu fried in breadcrumbs won. Probably because tofu has no taste (for the most part) and needs something added to it. Even breadcrumbs.

I dipped my tofu in cherry sauce, thinking it was quite a clever substitution for sweet and sour chicken balls.

Now I have leftover tofu slices in my freezer, and I’m sure I’ll try adding them to various places in which tofu might be consumed (like salads and stirfries).

These breakfast links are super spicy. I prefer to keep it simple. Like me.

By the way, I lied earlier when I said I never tried tofu before. Last week I tried Tofurky breakfast links. I was impressed with the sausage-like texture, but couldn’t eat them because they tasted like an entire spice rack. Just because tofu is tasteless doesn’t mean it needs to be besieged by all the flavours in your cupboard. (Listen to the tofu snob!)

I’d like to add more tofu to my diet, both because it’s cheap, nutritious, and helps cut down on animal cruelty if you can only get your meat from a factory farm.

Does anyone have any great tofu recipes they’d like to share with a newbie? I’ll keep you posted if I find any good ones.


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