My favourite addictions

I don’t drink or smoke, but I do have a few particular addictions. I think it’s human nature to be obsessed with a few things. So here are my favourite addictions.


Bare feet. Socks suck. So do shoes. Except when you’re outside. Even then, I wish I could wear flip flops all year long. Naturally I can’t, or I’d have frostbite and less than 10 toes. But summer time makes my feet happy. When I’m in the house, I wear nothing on my feet unless its -30 and my feet are turning blue. Bare feet = happy feet.


Bejewelled Blitz. If you ain’t addicted to this game, you ain’t never played it. PopCap makes the awesomest games. In this one, you match jewels based on colour (really challenging!) The addictive aspect of Bejewelled Blitz? You can do it in one minute. Yes, one minute. Then you play another game. And another. You don’t have to make a big commitment, just one minute. But it’s never enough.


Book Worm. This is another PopCap hit. You craft as many words as you can based on the Scrabble-like tiles before your library burns down. This game takes a fairly large time commitment, but it’s so worth it. After all, your brain actually has to work. (Don’t worry, though, because it doesn’t have to work TOO hard. Just enough to keep you from drooling on yourself while you hang on the internet.) I am seriously addicted to this game because I think my English degrees are giving me an advantage.


Coffee. If I don’t have my morning coffee, I a) can’t function and b) get a headache. Besides, what is more relaxing that having a cup of joe while perusing online news with a cat in your lap? This is my morning routine and I can’t live without it. This is not hyperbole, I swear.


Frenchy’s. I don’t know how it happens: I just find myself pulling into the parking lot, going inside, and rooting through bins. Even when I have a bad day, and get stuck finding things with holes and B.O., I can’t turn away from Frenchy’s. We’re like lovers who should separate, but just can’t give each other up.


Bathing. A day without a bath would be H-E double hockey sticks. I must be clean. This includes washing my hair. I feel like Greasy McGreaserton if I don’t have one bath per day. In the summer, I take a dip in my indoor porcelain pool up to three times daily. If I don’t smell like soap and shampoo, I’m not happy.


My brows. Plucking my eyebrows is my nightly obsession. I usually do this in front of the mirror with my trusty Tweezerman needle-nosed tweezers. (I may also pluck other facial hairs, including those pesky white and black mole hairs… ) It’s hard being a brunette. And having uneven brows. Trying to make them even is impossible. Impossible. I should really get them done professionally. Of course, I’m sure this would not stop my obsession with trying to make the perfect arch; I’d just be out $15.


Facebook. I don’t care how uncool this makes me. Facebook is the one e-mail I can’t live without. Most of my important contacts are on the site, plus I get to follow everyone’s major life events. And not so major events. But that’s okay because I wouldn’t know UNLESS I LOOKED.


Hawaii Five-o. The scenery of this TV show is just lovely. And if you watch this show, you know what scenery I’m talking about. The shots of Hawaii aren’t too bad too. And the script’s humour makes it worth tuning in every Monday Night. But we knew all along it was the script that created my addiction to this show, right 😉

We’re all addicted to something. What are your addictions?

Happy feet!

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  1. Author says:

    Ha ha, that’s GREAT! I must say, though, Diet Pop is the one addiction I haven’t gotten into. I’m too much into coffee 😉

    1. For me to drink coffee it has to have lots of chocolate and whipped cream!

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