Holiday highlights

I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season!  Here are some highlights from my Christmas.

I ate too much. Way too much. Last night I was in the fetal position, wondering what I did to myself. I’m not sure if it was all the meat, the gravy, the spices of the dressing, or the four glasses of punch I had. Either way: ow. When you have irritable bowel syndrome like I do, eating all of those foods is a bit like digestive roulette. However, it was all very delicious, starting with a family brunch, followed by a full turkey dinner at 2PM, followed by a full turkey supper at 6PM. I may also have snacked on a few chocolates and peanuts along the way.

I got my baby fix on. I love babies. They smell good and are so adorable and innocent. I got to play with my niece, hold her, feed her. (However, I wasn’t very good at burping her because I didn’t want to pound on her back too hard. ) I took lots of pictures with everyone holding her but me, and I would post one or two here, but since it’s a public blog, I’m not comfortable sharing someone else’s baby pictures with the world. That’s for her parents to decide. If you’re one of the zillions on my Facebook, you’ll find brag pictures there!

I found a tree stand after putting up an artificial tree. Yes, deep within the bowels of the basement was a tree stand! So next year, there will be a REAL tree. This year, however, I’ve got a small artificial tree that is super-cute. Interestingly enough, it still sheds. How can an artificial tree shed? Puzzling.

I had my first taste of homemade lemon pie. My mother and I made pies from scratch, including coconut cream pie and lemon pie. Both were divine. I discovered that using a microwave to boil milk decreases the likelihood of scalding it. Brilliant. How do I know the pies were great? The last of the lemon pie disappeared today.

I made homemade gifts even if it didn’t save money. I would explain, but not everyone has their gift yet. This will be a future blog post, because I DID take pictures (no stealing from Wikipedia this time around)!

Jack the Cat got to play with his new toys. Jack received new crinkle balls (without catnip!) and a Kitty Kong. The Kitty Kong is very disappointing. It’s cheaply made despite being $8.97 and the salmon paste is impossible to squeeze out of the tube. Jack hasn’t been much interested in it. I’ve learned cats love cheap toys and hate expensive ones.

I watched almost ALL of The Sound of Music for the first time ever. And discovered that Christopher Plummer was hot back in his day. I dislike musicals, but this one is just delightful and romantic. And Plummer is dreamy as a Mr. Rochester. If only I could be a governess…

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well!

Food is always a highlight of the holidays. Otherwise, how would I gain the weight I need to lose starting January 1?

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