The ongoing dressing debate: light or dark?

Growing up, we rarely had stuffing for Christmas (unless you count the occasional Stuff n’ Such).

However, we did have potato dressing, which in my mind is far superior to anything bread can offer.

The only problem was, would we make light or dark? Or both?

Each of my grandmothers made a different dressing. One light, one dark. They are both quite different because of the spices used. I prefer dark, which goes well with homemade sour cream; the light is best served with gravy.

In honour of Christmas, here are the recipes to my family’s two dressings. You can decide which one you like better.

Dark Dressing

  • Boil potatoes, then drain and mash.
  • Mix in butter or margarine.
  • Add apple sauce (use homemade or, in a pinch, baby food).
  • If you enjoy onions, add chopped onions at this stage. I usually put a whole one on top.
  • Add a little salt and pepper to taste.
  • Shake in mixed spice or allspice, depending on what’s in your cupboard. Remember it will get spicier as it cooks, so don’t overdo it. (You also don’t want it tasting just like potato, either.)
  • Once you’re finished mixing, spoon into a baking dish.
  • Spread melted butter or margarine over the top of the potato to make a crust.
  • Cook in the oven along your turkey until warm and crusty.
  • To make sour cream, mix a cup of blend with sugar and vinegar to taste.

Light Dressing

  • Make the same as above ONLY add poultry seasoning, summer savoury, and sage instead of mixed spice or allspice.
  • Remember it will get spicier as it cooks!
  • Cook until hot, with a golden crust.

Hope you enjoy my potato dressings! If you have any leftovers, be sure to send them my way!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin says:

    …potato dressing is so much tastier than bread dressing…add lots of summer savory…Laura Lee Seamone has the best recipe that her Mom used and we were lucky enough to have it shared with us…don’t forget the bacon and onions…yum!…

    1. Author says:

      Bacon! I’ll bet that’s tasty! Pork bits are also tasty in the poultry seasoning version. Nummy!

  2. Laura Best says:

    Okay for me it’s potatoes, breadcrumbs, onions, salt and pepper and summer savory, butter..Can’t forget the butter. Occasionally mum would use real bacon bits, too..

    How many ways is there to make dressing? Interesting.

    1. Author says:

      Can’t forgot the butter indeed! Margarine is just a wannabe!

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