My new favourite health foods

As you might have guessed, I’m on a health kick lately and OBSESSED WITH FOOD. I’m always interested in improving my well-being, especially now that I’m 30, soon 31. Losing weight would be even better, though I doubt I’m going to pull a Jennifer Hudson or Sara Rue any time soon.

So to avoid the inevitable heart disease and sugar diabetes that’s in my family tree, I’m trying to improve my diet. It’s not an impossible feat, as I took Introductory Nutrition at Acadia for a Science credit and learned lots. Of course, learning and applying to daily life are two different things.

Here are some of my favourite new products that are healthy AND available in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

I’m picky, so these MUST be good.

I love chocolate milk, but it's 180 calories per cup! Yikes! Especially the way I drink milk (which is like a calf in the midst of a growth spurt). Almond milk is just 120 calories per cup and full of Vitamin E. It has a nutty taste, but is rich in chocolatey goodness. And no cows had to lactate. Just almonds.
Cinnamon is a great addition to cereals and baked goods. Supposedly it helps regulate blood sugar. Sounds good to me. And high quality cinnamon sounds even better.
These are a bit pricey, but teeming with goodness and taste. They're for those of us who feel guilty still eating Eggos. These waffles have iron and 5 grams of fibre per serving. They're also vegetarian. Win.
Most breakfast cereals wear off in two hours. This one sticks to your ribs, is low in sugar (it's sweetened with fruit juice) and is nutty and tasty! Another great product from Nature's Path.
This was on sale along with the Spelt Flakes. I fell in love with it too! It's delicious, with the nutty taste of pumpkin seeds, which are AWESOME for you. Thumbs up to Nature's Path for another great food!
These fruit and veggie bars have 3 servings of fruit and vegetables in them! They are like Fruit Roll-Ups for adults. Only they have no artificial sugar. And are loaded with fibre.
Valley Flax Flour from Middleton, Nova Scotia (local!) makes great flax products including this flax flour. Add it to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to improve your intake of omegas and fibre! I add it my spelt flakes. It's great in muffins too (see recipes.html for the Gingerbread Flax muffins I made that are AWESOME!)
Packed with protein, Greek yogurt is da bomb. I'm all about food that sticks to your ribs. This is that food!
More goodness from Valley Flax Flour. This easy peasy pancake mix makes filling, nutty pancakes that are great even for supper!
SunRype makes great juices that are pure and delicious. My new favourite is Raspberry Orange Plus Veggies that contains spinach juice but tastes like raspberries and oranges. A miracle! And a great way to get some Vitamin A and C!
These maple flakes from The Bulk Barn or are delightful! These are a tasty addition to cereals and I've even used them in my morning coffee. Just 5 calories per teaspoon! I do find they're not as sweet as sugar, but they're very good nevertheless.

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