Search term shenanigans

One of my favourite things about having a blog is reading the search terms people use to find me.

Interestingly enough, these are some of my top searches overall:

  • highland cow (I only have one picture of these critters AND I don’t even properly identify them! As a result, though, my Lunenburg County Safari page is a hot read!
  • cheez whiz
However, I’ve been keeping track of some of the more unusual search terms on my stats page so I could share the delight with you.

I’ll do a second version once I get some more gems!

“rainy saturday blog amy whaeton” —> I love that someone was looking for my former classmate’s awesome blog. But spell the name right! Jeepers!

“something in your teeth” —> Really? I did have pesto for lunch.

“diapered bum adult women” —> Not sure what to say about this. I’m all for consenting adults having whatever fetish tickles their fancy, but still. This is an odd one.

“cow furry” —> I thought they had hide, not fur. My bad.

“turkey bird” —> My favourite kind of turkey!

“mcdonalds oyuncakları”  —> Huh? Is Oyuncaklar a neighbour to Askbeckatsan?

“veggie tales toy that saved christmas” —> Yes, that Carrot Stick Superman powned that evil nogooder! Wasn’t this a bestselling book?

“bologna meat sad” —> You can find this processed meat next to the depressed pepperoni. Eat in moderation.

“judith shakespeare” —> Colour me impressed. If you don’t know about Judith, Google her and Virginia Woolf.

“cute chickens with fluffy slippers” —> Another fetish, I suppose. I hope the same person who Googled diapered women didn’t plug in these search terms.

“commandoembarrassingstories” —> A search brought to you by someone afraid of the space bar.

“gimp at dollarama” —> I hope this refers to the craft stuff, not some person who is disabled.

“sharks getting electrocuted” —> Well you’re not going to find this on The Daily Hodgepodge. Sorry. I could only find pics of dolphins.

“should you stop and help a girl change a tire” —> I can field this one. Yes. Reconsider if she has pepper spray.

“turtle museum” —> This would be epic. Especially if it had a Ride-a-Leatherback ride.

“a condom is like a gun better have but dont need ity” —> The y was included. This is interesting advice. However a condom, at least, won’t go off in your pocket.

“edulinx”  —> Evil! Evil! Evil!

“empty goat”  —> Take it to Shell and fill it up. You’ll get Air Miles.

“capricorn lucky lottery numbers” —> Well pardner, you sure didn’t find any lucky numbers on this site. But if you’re jonesing for a lottery fix, how about 3, 14, 16, 23, 27, 33. Good luck.

These chickens have slippers.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. i have noooo idea how your tags or posts have somehow resulted in all of those unrelated search page hits.

    on a somewhat related note to what i thought this post may first be about, here’s some Google thinking for you (in a weird, hard-to-prove-i’m-wrong way)

  2. “should you stop and help a girl change a tire”

    If you can ascertain that she doesn’t have pepper spray, your next step is to work out how likely she is to chase you around the car with the tyre iron for attempting to be chivalrous.

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