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My ‘Fro

After working my buns off (literally as I think I’ve lost weight or at least redistributed it), I decided to treat myself to my annual hair cut. In other words, my hair had two inches of split ends upon split ends upon… you get the picture fellow long-haired people. It was getting hard to comb. Each time I brushed out the snarls I was pretty sure I heard enough crackling to start a forest fire.

So I treated myself to a delightful hour at the new Bridgewater location of Beleaf. I used to write ads for the business during my MBS Radio days and fell in love with the tea and Aveda aroma in the salon. $36 isn’t cheap for a hair cut but it’s UTTERLY worth it when you consider you get a neck, shoulder and head massage, along with a good shampooing and conditioning with a hot facecloth under your neck… oooohhhh, me wants one now.

I lost two inches, got some bangs to play with (though they do take too much effort) and am considering upping my one haircut per year to at least one per week.

I typed this entire post one-handed thanks to the ball of grey fluff on my lap that occasionally stirred for a pat on the head. Ignore the red splotches. I have some kind of skin thing that is neither sunburn nor bubonic plague.

No More Wreaths

Alas, my days of slaving over a mound of wet pitchy brush are over. Christmas wreath sesaon is over for another year. I’ll be sad not to have an excuse to eat Vachon goodies and other things I wouldn’t normally pack in my lunch. Despite the hungry man appetite I got while doing physical labour, I think I lost a little weight, always good prior to heading into the egg nog and shortbread season.

I’ll miss all the awesome people and coming home smelling of fir and having needles fall out out of my unmentionables. And having an excuse to fall asleep on the couch. Sad face.


I love me a good Frenchy’s shopping expedition, rifling through bins like a shopper possessed. My last venture scored me a pair of short jeans (I think they’re meant to be cropped but they fit my stumpy legs perfectly), and oodles of tops including an adorable Simply Vera (Wang that is) tank top that hides a multitude of sins. I may have spent $33 but it was worth it. I also found a word game I may take along subbing in English classrooms.

After that spree, I shouldn’t have gone into Reitman’s, but found 4 lovely tops for $9.99 that were 15% off, which basically covered the sales tax. It felt good to get some new professional clothes. I’ll be the best dressed sub around! Now to get rid of my greening glasses and score some contacts…

The Plague

Less than two weeks after getting the tummy flu, I got a cold. Honestly I never get sick so often! I’ve heard teachers get sick frequently the first year they teach. This is SO TRUE! Apparently your immune system adjusts to the onslaught of germs eventually. I’ve started taking cod liver oil (well halibut liver oil anyway) and think I’ll start carrying around a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my pocket. As a teacher, especially in elementary school, it’s impossible to find the time to wash your hands enough. It’s no wonder I’m a walking petri dish.

Holiday Doings

I have done nothing yet to prepare for the holidays. I’m not rolling in money so shopping has been difficult (except for myself, obviously). Thankfully I don’t have many people to buy for, so I can wait until the last minute. I should really consider handmade gifts next year. Because they’re awesome and cost efficient.

Tomorrow night I’m thrilled to be going out for pizza with my Board of Directors for the Sexual Health Centre. I missed last year’s supper because I was so stressed about my practicum. Now I’m my own boss! Love that subbing and its freedom and varying pay deposits!


I picked up Evangeline by Ben Farmer at Sagor’s Bookstore in Bridgewater. Sagor’s is closing thanks to online technology and all stock is 25% off. The vulture that I am, I had to take advantage of this and score at least one new read while taking in that wonderful Sagor’s smell once more (which is like old building paired with fresh books).

I’m sorry that I haven’t been buying many new books to help support small retailers like Sagor’s; most of my books are second hand these days.

I’m looking forward to Evangeline, a novel retelling of Longfellow’s epic poem. However, two chapters in, I’m disappointed by the description of brown mud flats in the Minas Basin. They’re more red than brown. They remind me of a Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix. Hmm, cake. Oh holidays, how you shall destroy my waist once more!

Because as you can see, I needed new clothes.

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