All I want for Christmas

Only 25 more days ’til the morbidly obese guy tries to stuff himself down our chimneys! (Okay, so I’m not getting any presents now.)

What do you want for the holidays?

Here’s my list of gimmes:

contacts and glasses – I haven’t had contacts since September. My prescription ran out and the opti-people just won’t give you more until you get a fresh prescription! And my glasses? Let’s just say the metal’s green in places and there’s a constant blurry spot from a bunch of scratches.

elliptical or treadmill – I would love to lose some weight by working out. I could go for a walk, but the shoulders here in Lunenburg County are terrible and it’s pretty dangerous to walk in the dark. I’d rather use some exercise equipment to get my fitness on. Santa can bring a treadmill but an elliptical might be a bit more affordable. A bit. (Santa, you could also bring me 70 less pounds and I’d be happy with that.)

new clothes – I haven’t had money to buy clothes since spring, so I’m due for some new duds. I would love to be the fashionable substitute teacher AND have some new Joe Fresh yoga pants for lounging around the house. A girl has to look spiffy!

Bunn coffeemaker – Don’t give me one of those one cup wonders. I want a coffeemaker that can make great coffee out of dirt cheap beans. Bunn coffeemakers are always soooo good at diners and restaurants. I want me one.

long winter boots – I need a pair of boots to wear with skirts. I just can’t find a pair with the right calf size. And which cost $9.99. Do such a pair exist? I’d like to think so.

the spot on my car fixed – My car met up with a snow bank last winter and the snow bank won. I’d like to get the spot on my rocker panel fixed before the rust sets in. So Scarlett would like a little body work. She’ll probably have to wait until spring. (Then Momma would like some new rims.)

sherpa blanket – I love blankets for naps and watching TV. I’ve been eyeing the sherpa blankets for a year now and haven’t bought one because I have half a dozen blankies on the go. But a sherpa blanket would be divine.

new earrings – My ears don’t want just ANY ol’ earrings, no siree. They have to have REAL earrings or they get itchy, red, and scabby (TMI, I know). I need me some new little earrings so I look sharp while working. I likes little ones that are shiny. Who am I kidding, though? I just like shiny stuff.

iPhone – I would love a new no strings attached iPhone for Christmas so I don’t get suckered into a three year contract. The new iPhones have an 8 mega pixel camera that makes my heart palpitate. I’d also like to troll for teaching positions on the internet whenever and wherever. Get me a white one, Santa, though be sure to include a case so it stays safe!

iPad – Why not? It can join my netbook on the pile of things I’ve always really wanted, but don’t use anymore now that I have them.

Evanescence’s new album – One of my all-time favourite bands! I’d be willing to accept this digitally on my new iPhone and iPad, Santa.

digital camera with wide angle lens – I like to think I have some photographic skilz and the ol’ point and shoot is stifling my style. I’d like to go all wide angle on some stuff and take amazing photos.

Wii – Because I still don’t have one and I am a bowling goddess. I might also try the sports and fit programs as part of my annual New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

Biotherm goodies – Haven’t had my handy-dandy Biotherm facial products in months thanks to my low income status (it seemed kind of silly to pay $35 for face wash when I was po’ !) I had to survive with just some old Biotherm and Elizabeth Arden samples. Oh, the humanity!

world peace– Thought I’d throw this in there, otherwise you might think me a narcissistic, egotistical loser. Make it happen, Santa!

Christmas is coming!

One Comment Add yours

  1. harpmando says:

    ARGHHHH that red on the green… it hurts my eyes, Santa please turn it off.

    Well you did ask (hope your feeling better by the way)

    I would like a new pair of shoes, just like my old pair. They do not seem to exist anymore, Santa please find me some.

    Please Santa give everyone a proper book to read. One with a cover and paper pages. I am scared that these electronic devices will do to the book what Cds did to the record. I dont want books to vanish.

    Oh and Santa please get the Reindeer to dump some poo on the people who keep sending me email for ‘certain medication’. Honestly I don’t need it and if I did then how did they find out? Go Rudolph, go Prancer, do your stuff.

    take care

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