November in a nutshell: my monthly recap

Okay, so my last post was how I was psyched for NaNoWrimo. Turns out, I did nada for NaNoWrimo. Unless you count 288 words as something. I don’t. Not when you’re supposed to write 50,000 words in a month.

November was just too darn busy. And that’s okay. Because I got to earn moolah, which is very much needed (so says Mastercard, anyhoo).

So here’s a recap of my November sans NaNoWrimo.


I received lots of opportunities for subbing this month. High school, elementary, you name it! Deciphering others’ lesson plans, mending bloodied lips, I did it all! I hope the New Year will be filled with as many opportunities to hone my teaching skills and earn some dough. I enjoy the flexibility of choosing when I want to work. If I had steady work, I would be okay with subbing for a long time.

Christmas Wreathing

When I wasn’t in the classroom, I was at a local farm called DeLong’s helping to make Christmas wreaths. I didn’t actually make the wreaths, but did the packing and snipping prior to them being wrapped with wire around the ring. If you order a wreath today, chances are I might have snipped the brush (wow, if that’s not enough to make business go through the roof, I don’t know what is!)

Making wreaths is hard work. First off, you’re on your feet all day, standing on concrete (there’s mats, but they can only help so much). Plus, there’s heavy lifting and repetitive tasks. When it’s break time, I’m ravenous, and when I come home, I want to nap. Hence why NaNoWrimo failed. But I thoroughly enjoy working with a great group of people and getting my manual labour on. I even met a fellow Acadia MA English grad there who has published two books of poetry. (Talk about your job opportunities for grad students! However, no middle class job can offer that fragrant scent of balsam fir. Or fir needles in your bra. But I digress.)

If you want to see the wreath room at DeLong’s, click here to see the crowd on TV (PS: I’m not there).

The Tummy Flu

It was inevitable: working in schools was bound to result in getting sick. And not only ANY kind of sick, but the kind I hate worst of all. The tummy flu. That whole 24 hour thing? A lie. It’s been a week since I had it and I still feel craptacular. It has cost many a lost revenue (sub teachers get no sick days and Christmas wreathing is no better).

Give me 10 colds to every tummy flu. I’m glad it’s been 4 years since the last bout. It can be 40 until the next round.

I was hoping to have lost some weight along the way but the darn scale didn’t change. Le sigh. Now all I have is no appetite, a boat load of nausea, and clothes that still fit.

Blog Talkin’ 

I’m no blog expert, so I was super pumped when the Lunenburg Queens Volunteer Centre asked me to talk on blogging.

Before my B.Ed I would’ve panicked. Like the whole nausea and panic attack thing for real. But now, I’ll stand up in front of a crowd and talk about basket weaving if need be (not that I’m an expert on basket weaving or even know how it’s done, but my cousin who works at Ross Farm can do it!)

So I found myself at Forest Heights school November 9 giving a crowd of volunteers and interested persons information on blogging. Thankfully the onus was not ALL on me: Tina Hennigar from Lighthouse Publishing was there to talk about her old blog Oh Brothers! for and new blog Her-land.  Check it out! Her new one features lots of crafty things including how to make decorations out of blown light bulbs and some glitter.

I’m not sure how much wisdom I had to impart, but I did have fun going through WordPress, which was a big hit with the volunteers who are thinking of setting up their own blogs for free.

Maybe now I can class myself as a social media expert. Or a liar. One or the other.

This is one of the "reject" centrepieces because it doesn't have all four candle holders.

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  1. Laura Best says:

    Ah wreathing..Isn’t there anyone in these parts who has not made wreaths at one time or another? It helps separate the tough guys from the wimps. 😉

    1. Author says:

      Nothing beats the smell of fresh balsam fir this time of year, too… mmmmm.

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