Pumped up for NaNoWrimo

It is entirely possible I won’t make a blog entry for a least one month.  Possibility two: I might get carpel tunnel syndrome.

Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month!  NaNoWrimo!

The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month by attempting to write every day.

Once I wrote a Harlequin style novel super duper fast. Like 2 weeks fast. I think it weighed in at about 100,000 words.  It wasn’t particularly a great story, and I did as little historical research as possible.  But it was cute and I wrote it fast as lightening.

I’ve been too busy to do NaNoWrimo before.  I will probably be too busy to do it this November, but that’s okay.  No pain, no gain, right?  Also, my writing output has been disappointing at best.  I used to write like the wind.  Now it’s like a truck without an engine: going nowhere fast.  I’d rather edit the bejebus out of something than finish it.

NaNoWrimo is all about finishing.  You’re not supposed to edit until December.  November is meant for stream of consciousness writing, the kind you can’t stop.  The kind that keeps you up at night. Verbal diarrhea.

NaNoWrimo is a marathon of words.  There’s no prize if you finish, other than the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done it.  And heck, if you love to write, what’s a month out of a lifetime?

I’ve been considering writing a story about winning the lottery for some time now.

My theory: winning the lottery can ruin your life.

Hence you have my potential story.  It has no name, no characters, no plot.  Just that one premise: winning the lottery may not be the greatest thing that ever happens to you.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to set it in New Germany or some version of New Germany.  You know, a small town where everyone knows you.  I think winning the lottery in a small town would be the worst.

So if you don’t hear from me in awhile, I’m not dead (I hope), I’m just writing lots of words a day with no more energy for contributing to the blogosphere.

See you in December!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Glenn says:

    That’s a shame as I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs since you started doing multiple posts a week. :-).

    Best of luck in this challenge.

  2. Author says:

    Thanks Glenn! I’m sure I’ll get the urge, occasionally, to blog, especially since I have a blog talk session coming up in which I have to teach others about blogging. It’s quite addictive!

    1. Glenn says:

      Good to hear. How have you been anyways?

      1. Author says:

        Good! Finally get some subbing and getting things in order after so much time in school.

  3. Glenn says:

    That’s awesome news, I was following it on your posts. How are you liking it? It’s gotta be a big chance for you.

    1. Author says:

      The subbing is not too bad. I enjoy the flexibility of it, though reading other people’s lesson plans can be a bit like mind reading!

  4. Laura Best says:

    Best of luck with the challenge. You are far braver than I. November is always a super busy month for me, I know better than to even try. Or maybe I’m just chicken. 😉

  5. So much good luck! I’ve wondered about joining in but I haven’t yet really looked into it. Looking forward to hearing about your progress if you get the time to blog about it!

    1. Author says:

      Alas, there was no NaNoWrimoing of any great scale this year. Perhaps next year? My next goal is to do some productive writing during the holidays when I’m not subbing 🙂

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