Twenty things I have done

This is the companion post to yesterday’s Never have I done (insert thing here).

These be 20 things I have done in this life. Hold onto your socks. That’s all I’m saying.

I have…

  1. Seen the Beach Boys in concert. I was pretty young when they were in Halifax on Citadel Hill. I mostly remember the police on horseback making certain the crowd wasn’t smoking pot or using too much A535.
  2. Met Lloyd Robertson and Daryl Sittler through the course of my work. If I didn’t hate how I looked in the pic with the Sitt, I’d upload it to my blog. But alas, I was having a bad face day.
  3. Been in the captain’s quarters of the Bluenose II. I did an interview with the captain du jour when I was working at Lighthouse Publishing. I was onboard long enough to feel queasy even though it was docked. A sailor I am not. Angus Walters would be so disappointed in me!
  4. Eyeballed the Rockies, albeit from an airplane window. Sure was cool though!
  5. Watched a high speed police chase in person. Then watched the ossifer cuff the dude. Awesome stuff.
  6. Speaking of which, I *may* have buried the speedometer of a car once. Maybe. Not that I’d admit to that on a public blog.
  7. Written a song or two on zee piano. I’m no Diane Warren, but I didn’t do a bad job. Maybe I can sell something to Justin Bieber?
  8. Fallen up stairs more than down stairs. Once I even had to get stitches.
  9. Used a Ouija board. Didn’t do much though. Probably because I’m not coordinated enough to spell out words slowly. See number 8 re: coordination.
  10. Splashed in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Probably peed in one of them. Oh who am I kidding? Probably in both.
  11. Stepped into a nest of leeches. Picture hundreds of squirming maggot-like baby leeches on my leg, along with a big one. Yup. Not a good day.
  12. Tried to get into a bar while being under age. However, it was just to eat. And I couldn’t even do that! Grrr.
  13. Nearly electrocuted myself. Tip: don’t remove outlet covers while the power is still on. And if you do, make sure you hold the plastic part of the screwdriver handle so you don’t, like, die.
  14. Won the lottery. Ten bucks isn’t much of a win, though.
  15. Started to do my family tree, mostly because other family members have already compiled detailed histories themselves. I knows where I comes from! Which is mostly a bunch of Foreign Protestants who were brought to Nova Scotia to help shore up the British population.
  16. Used a CB radio. Because it’s fun and very Dukes of Hazzard. Breaker one, breaker one!
  17. Permed my hair. I would like to burn the pictures of me at this time along with my Sitt pic.
  18. Accidentally caught a microwave dinner on fire in my stove, then cleaned the stove and replaced the fire extinguisher without the landlords ever knowing what happened. I know. Well done. Thank you SOS Pads.
  19. Burned a twist tie in the microwave. I forgot to take it off the bag of cookies. My bad.
  20. Changed a tire. It was hard, but doable. I still prefer to get someone else to do it though.

    Sidney Wharf circa 1999 when I visited Vancouver Island.

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