Never have I ever (insert thing here)

Shout out to Amy Wheaton at Rainy Saturday for her “Never Have I Ever” post featuring things she’s never ever done before.

So here’s some things I ain’t ever done before.

  1. Changed a diaper. (I thought I was the only one, Amy! I’m going to wait and start with my own offspring too.)
  2. Smoked pot. (I may have inhaled some second hand smoke in a hot tub once though.)
  3. Gotten drunk. Tipsy, yes. Drunk, no. Pay oodles of money to throw up and not know where I am or what I did the night before? Pass.
  4. Eaten raw fish sushi, though I did try the veggie kind. Sniffing solomon gundy is as close as this gal is getting to eating raw fish.
  5. Gotten a tattoo. Not that I’m anti-tat. I just can’t decide what to get on my skin forever. Like what do I want the nurses at the nursing home long term care facility to see when they wash my wrinkly body in my golden years? Can’t decide.  So, no tats.
  6. Watched an entire episode of Dancing with the Stars. I’d rather dig out my eyeballs with salt and vinegar potato chips.
  7. Been in a car crash. (Thankfully!) But I did get a car with side impact air bags just in case. The salesmen (literally salesmen) thought I was silly. I think if you buy a car from the compact class, you’re being sensible if you pack it full of air bags. Especially when you like to drive on snowy days. Yes. I said like.
  8. Gone to a strip club. Though one time, in a long term care facility, I saw a resident pee in the hallway.
  9. Gotten a passport. I really should. I’d like to see the world at some point.
  10. Been engaged or married. I suppose I could go to Las Vegas and do numbers 2, 3, and 8. That would help lead to number 10, I’m positive.
  11. Peed outside without peeing on my a) pants or b) shoes. I’m an indoor kind of girl. I also can’t hover with any success.
  12. Ridden a horse. I could change this in a matter of days since my cousins next door have three horses, including a handsome old fella who is steady and calm.  But I’m really intimated by huge animals that could buck me off then trample me to death. I think I have trust issues.
  13. On the farm note, I’ve never milked a cow. I am interested, however, in making almond milk some day from scratch. Does that count?
  14. Worn a bikini. Dealing with my weight for most of my adult life has meant I have always steered clear of bikinis with ten foot poles.
  15. Hurt myself really badly. I’m clumsy as the dickens, so this is actually quite surprising. I once closed a window on my baby finger and it was numb for weeks, but other than that, I’ve been broken bone and burn free.
  16. Read Harry Potter (or watched the movies). I’d like to someday. But I’m not particularly enthralled with magic. I do like a good Harlequin, however; I suppose that’s a kind of magic.
  17. Danced a proper waltz. I’ve slow-danced in high school, don’t get me wrong. But standing at arm’s length from someone and shuffling around in a circle isn’t exactly real slow dancing. I’d like to waltz sometime. And, hopefully, not step on the guy’s feet.
  18. Driven in or driven an expensive vehicle. Like a BMW or Rolls Royce. Just once it would be nice. Of course, with my penchant for motion sickness, that might not be such a stellar idea.
  19. Published a novel. Someday I would like to. Having people actually pay for it would be even better.
  20. Made bread. It’s on my bucket list. I’d like to hand craft my own yummy bread, then eat its carby goodness for days. It’s good to have goals for the future.

    Someday I will ride a horse. And not be scared.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Try this. Put on a bikini and read Harry Potter while riding a horse. You will definitely feel like smoking pot is a big letdown after that experience.

  2. Author says:

    Hahahaha, that would be very ambitious to read while riding a horse while wearing a bikini!!! 🙂

  3. Tasha says:

    I wouldn’t recommend riding a horse whilst wearing a bikini, for several reasons…which I hope need not be stated.

    Also, raw fish sushi honestly tastes far less fishy than solomon gundy does, even when you’re only smelling it.

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