Getting healthy at the Wellness Expo

Thankfully I’m not quite as unhealthy as I thought.  I’m not exactly slipping into a bikini any time soon (or entering the Iron Man) but these are the facts: my blood pressure’s perfect, along with my blood sugar.

These are also the facts.  I *may* have purchased cinnamon buns today.  And I *may* have eaten two.

A STI poster from World War I. Use a condom and don't get the "syph" which, in case you're wondering, is syphilis.

Getting healthy isn’t easy. Not when we’re besieged by sugar and fat.  And not when it tastes soooo darn good.

And being sedentary sure does feel good on a chilly fall day.  Naps are a delightful treat, especially when there’s a cat on your lap and the furnace is humming and destroying the environment by burning fossil fuels.  (I wish we had wood!)

I manned womanned a booth at the Wellness Expo for the Sexual Health Centre Lunenburg County.  I’m a volunteer on the Board of Directors.  I get to make decisions and vote.  This makes me feel important.  Plus I get to help promote something I’m passionate about: health, specifically sexual health.  I believe keeping sex taboo is a path to the dark side, not health and wellness!

Our booth had free condoms.  Yes, FREE condoms.  They were a big hit with the students (the fair was held in the New Germany high school).  I suspect more than a few condom balloons might be made and appear in the hallowed halls of NGRHS, but at least the pranksters get to see how to open a condom package properly.  My apologizes to the custodians!

I’m always trying to improve MY health, so here are a few of my health-related goals:

  1. to floss more frequently (meaning, of course, more than once before visiting the dentist so I don’t get b!^(#$d at for not flossing)
  2. to use stevia in my morning coffee instead of sugar, as part of my eat less sugar mandate (stevia has such a funky taste though)
  3. to walk for my mail instead of hopping in the car (though when you’re pressed for time, it’s so easy to drive!)
  4. to make more food from scratch
  5. to drink more tea
  6. to eat less or no packaged meats (though I do love a raw Larsens wiener)
  7. to get into a regular sleeping pattern (no more staying up to watch Jon Stewart, then sleeping into late morning)
  8. to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially bright ones!
  9. to put more cream on my tootsies to promote healthy feet
  10. to get more exercise overall!

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