Working on being a jill of all trades

Well, finally, I am no longer unemployed.  I’m underemployed! Huzzah!

I began substitute teaching a few weeks again.  By no means is this a full-time occupation yet.  Just a few days here and there, enough to give me a little income.   Better than all outcome or whatever accountants are using these days.

I’ve also started tutoring, promoting myself with my Kijiji ad.  Love free advertising!  I think I’ve reached 181 people so far. I’m also registered with the school board to tutor for them if the need arises.

Annnnnd, starting November 7th, I’ll be doing Christmas wreaths whenever I’m not in school.  It’s tough work. Like the kind that makes you ravenous at supper, but you’re too tired to make it or eat it.  At break time in the wreath room, not only do most people get something for a snack, they also get into the drugs.  Advil rattling in bottles is a common sound.  I did this gig when I first graduated with my Master’s degree because surprise, surprise, an MA doesn’t net you many jobs.  And the farm is just down the road, so driving to work takes one minute.  Thus, I found myself with a BAH and MA doing Christmas wreaths.  It was the first time I did honest manual labour.  My feet killed me.

So, even though I don’t have a job per se (like an honest to gosh 40 hour a week gig), I appear to have lots to fill in the gaps.

A gal can’t complain.  Substitute teachers make a pretty sweet wage, double what I ever made in my life.  I’m pretty excited about that.  I guess those degrees have finally paid off to some degree.  If I didn’t have a student loan, I’d be all set for life.

Speaking of which, I received my Bachelor of Education in the mail today.  It was pretty obvious.  The envelope said “DIPLOMA ENCLOSED PLEASE DO NOT BEND.”   (I guess people don’t steal these things.)  I must be turning into one of those teacher geeks, because I was excited to see all the stiff cardboard inside that would be perfect for crafts.

I'm guessing Acadia doesn't have a lot of faith in our postal workers.

I’ve gotten three of these packages now, plus a diploma from Holland College. They’re pretty fancy schmancy, though the degrees are still in their folders because I haven’t had the spare cash to frame them.  That’s what Acadia’ll do to you.  You get nice degrees, but it takes awhile to find the money to dress them up in the purdy frames with the mats and the gold lettering and whatnot. Maybe someday I’ll get me a nice office and look all professional with my degrees on the wall.  Of course, I’ll be humbled by the fact I could’ve been a doctor for all the time I’ve spent in school.  Then I wouldn’t be complaining about being underemployed; I’d just be fainting every time I saw blood.

Okay, so maybe I made the right decision.  My potential victims patients are probably thanking me.

I’ll stick to being a jill of all trades, a term coined by my sojourn at Second Story Women’s Centre, when I was an administrative assistant who literally did a bit of everything!

I’ll be a jill of all trades, master of none!  Except Engrish.  I’s really good at that.

Hard to believe how many thousands of dollars this paper is worth!

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  1. campbellsoup614 says:

    ooooooh! That is so awesome! I was surprised when I saw ACADIA written across the top of your degree because I live in Louisiana and am from Acadia parish! So your long lost relatives might be down here. haha Congrats on the degree though!

  2. Author says:

    Wow! It’s a small world! Thanks a bunch!

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