Things I used to hate. But like now.

I like to thinking I’m growing up.  Or at least growing older.

I was pretty picky when I was a young’un.  Especially in regards to food.  I liked Crap Dinner every day.  In elementary, I used to eat mayonnaise sandwiches at lunch because I didn’t like anything else on my bread.

However, time does change us all, and my palate is becoming more refined.  Really, anything is more refined than Crap Dinner and mayonnaise sandwiches.

These are a few things I used to hate, but like (even love) now.

Pulpy orange juice.  Gad, I used to hate orange juice you had to chew.  It interfered with the drinking of it.  Now, in my old age, I prefer extra pulp because it means I ingest fewer calories because the juice is so filling and satisfying.  Bring on the pulp!

Charles Dickens.  In high school, I HATED Dickens.  I was forced to endure High Expectations and even watch the movie version of it.  Dickens was my nemesis, along with Robertson Davies and his Fifth Business.  Sorry, but dead white British (or British educated) men who write about boys are not relevant to 16-year-old girls in Nova Scotia.  (Exception: Shakespeare because he is just so amazing.)  Thick passages from Dickens and Davies were dull to my teenage brain.  HOWEVER, I read Bleak House this summer.  It was ginormous (Dickens just rolled over in Westminster Abbey with that description, I’m sure) but it featured a woman protagonist as well as some romance (along with some Victorian cliches that I hope Dickens was mocking, though I’m not quite sure if he was.)  In summary, me likey Dickens now.  (FYI, I also tried to re-read Fifth Business this year, but still found it uninspiring even if the tone is quite humorous.  Maybe I’ll try again when I’m 50.)

Onions.  Yes, Dickens, one of the best revered writers, you are being compared to onions.  I used to hate these tasty bulbs, imagine!  Then I discovered sweet onions.  Suddenly, I needed onions over everything: eggs, hash browns, macaroni and cheese casserole, hot dogs, burgers, etc.  Onions are a great way to flavour food, especially sweet onions, or even white onions sauteed in a bit of butter.  Yum.

Twitter.  Once upon a time, I found Twitter cluttered and full of retweets.  Little has changed.  There are still too many retweets and messages back and forth between people.  However, my thought is, if you can’t beat’em, join’em.  I am thrilled to watch my Followers climb daily, one by one.  These people read my little ditties?  Awesome possum.  Social media is made for word geeks like me.

Sheers.  You know those filmy curtains you can see through?  I always disliked them because why have curtains you can see through?  Pointless.  However, I’ve discovered I like their romantic look.  AND I adore the oodles of daylight they allow to filter into a room.  Win, win.

Public speaking.  This used to be my horror of all horrors.  I was an articulate person.  Until you put me in front of the crowd.  What followed was some sort of stammering, breathless, incoherent communication that may or may not have been comprehensible to my audience (just like this sentence.)  Getting a B.Ed changed all that.  Now I could talk for hours on end in front of a crowd.  If I ever get an Oscar, I will be one of those people with an endless acceptance speech, the orchestra trying to urge me off the stage with that music which gets more insistent, the more you prattle on (just like this sentence.)  Of course, I need to learn how to act now.

I’m sure I’ll think of a few more things later, and might add them as they come to me.  The best thoughts always come after you post.

Sheers are... sheer brilliance!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. hodgepodge says:

    I still hate orange juice with pulp. Gag. Actually I hate any drink with texture. Remember that brief bubble tea fad a few years back? I still can’t imagine why anyone would want cold tea with slimy gooey beads in it. *shudder*

    1. Author says:

      Gooey beads? Yuck. Though I do LOVE tapioca pudding and that’s like eating little eggs.

  2. Olives. How did I not like those before? I could eat a whole jar of them in one sitting now!

    1. Author says:

      I still haven’t gotten around to liking olives yet. The texture is off putting. And the smell. And the taste. Maybe when I’m 50 I’ll work out 😉

  3. Laura Best says:

    I used to swear I’d never like olives, but then I ate Greek Salad. Not bad, I thought. From black olives to green olives. It seemed the natural thing to do. Oh, and I did start liking them before I hit

    1. Author says:

      I’m not a huge fan of Greek Salad. Yet. I’m more a Caesar fan.

  4. Cat says:

    Have you read The Cornish Trilogy (_The Rebel Angels_, _What’s Bred in the Bone_ and _The Lyre of Orpheus_) by Robertson Davies? I wasn’t a fan of Davies when I first read _Fifth Business_ either, but the Cornish Trilogy won me over.

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