I love grocery shopping

I occasionally put in a few hours working as an assistant at a Bridgewater grocery store.  Usually I do birthday parties with young’uns, but Sunday I had the experience of offering samples to grocery shoppers as they went about their Sunday errands, pushing carts and kids.

Now that I’m unemployed (read: broke) I don’t enjoy grocery shopping as per usual, but I am a huge fan of going to the store and getting food.

Sunday, so many people had growly frowns on their faces that it was obvious they detest grocery shopping with the passion of a 1,000 fiery suns.  In fact, some of them didn’t even notice the table with delicious cooked peaches (paired with delish ice cream.)

There are people in this world who grocery shop with the mentality of wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  Get in, get out.

I’m the opposite.  I prefer to amble through the aisles with my cart. There’s so much to look at!  When I was younger, the fruit section had bananas, oranges and apples.  Now you can find any number of beautiful fruits from the tropics.  There are many that I haven’t even tried in my lifetime (someday, though, someday.)

I love to meander through the aisles.  New products are always out on the shelves, begging me to take a look at them, even try them.

Even familiar products make me slow down because I have to read the ingredients and nutritional information to help me decide if I’d like to purchase said product.  Then I have to look at the prices and the weight of the package, to see if the price is a good deal.

There is an art to grocery shopping.  If I lived in an ideal world, it would be to try anything and everything, and have in my kitchen a rich cornucopia of food that attempts to lure me from my world of macaroni and cheese.  So many flavours of the world abound in a grocery store!  I wish I could try them all!

As someone who is always trying to lose weight too, grocery shopping represents hope.  A new week, a new round of food that is healthy and nourishing.  (That unfortunately doesn’t mean I will eat it all in lieu of Crap Dinner.)  But you can start off with great expectations that this week, you WILL eat better.  That’s why you have grapes, bananas and couscous in your cart.

Grocery shopping is also comforting too.  What could be better than having a fridge and cupboard full of life-giving food?  It means you’ll survive another week.  The rampant starvation in Somalia makes a pantry of groceries even more special.

No, I don’t always understand the angry, annoyed grimaces of people going through the grocery store.  Sometimes, yes, it’s frustrating that food costs so much ($3 for bread!) but there’s still something pleasant about shopping for the week, getting your meals, picking out a few treats.

While I miss the days of being able to put anything in my cart without thinking of price, I’m still glad to walk through a store of beautiful food and take some home with me.

Now where’s the mac and cheese?

Can't have the pantry get bare!

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  1. tashtoo says:

    Greetings from Shubenacadie! And thanks for the twitter follow 🙂 Grocery shopping, hodge podge, and it’s almost lunch time! Nice to have discovered you, off to the photo gallery now 🙂

    1. Author says:

      I agree. Sugar is awesome. Unless you’re diabetic. That will probably be me in a decade or two so I should probably enjoy it now while I can. Mmmmm sugar.

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