Cover letter conundrums

I’m preparing another cover letter and resume to send out in the world, this one for a job I have a chance of actually getting (I think, though my insecurities tell me I have no chance whatsoever.)

I consider myself a strong writer, but I always have a fear of sending out typos and spelling errors because I’VE DONE IT BEFORE.  I once sent out a cover letter for a government post with Division spelled Devision.  Needless to say, I didn’t get shortlisted for an interview.

Obviously spelling errors and other grammatical oddities mark you as a careless person who can’t string together a sentence.  It’s even more embarrassing when your post-secondary career has focused on communications (a Master of Arts, eh? and you can’t spell division?)

So sending out cover letters is a process wrought with fear.  I try my best to never (ever!) leave the L out of public (that’s a bad one!)  I use my best promotional language to make myself sound like the only person who should be hired, but I still live in anxiety that I might have sent a cover letter out there to the most perfect job in the world and spelled division with an E.

Any resume workshops I’ve ever attended have struck this panic into me.  NEVER (EVER!) send out a cover letter and resume with mistakes in it.

Yet it is a known truth that you cannot always edit your own work, and even having an extra pair of eyes read your stuff doesn’t always work.  Sometimes when you’re sending out several cover letters a day, poop happens.

Of course, this all goes you-kn0w-where in a handbasket when online applications are involved.  They are difficult to re-read, especially when you do online interviews like I did the other day.  I’m not sure if my response to “Think of a time when you stood up for something you believed in, even if you had to stand up to your manager” will be coherent enough to net me a position there.

Job hunting is a lot like dating.  You never know what teeny-tiny thing will freak the other person out or turn them off, even though you are the most awesome person in the world and must be hired/dated.  The typo in the cover letter is a lot like the piece of oregano stuck in your teeth.  The pressure!  The freakin’ pressure to be perfect!

I try to tell myself, though, that if it’s meant to be, it will be.  That goes for jobs and dating too.  Obviously, if you’re not hired because you have a chive on your tooth, it’s just not meant to be.

God speed little cover letter.


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  1. hodgepodge says:

    God, I hate job hunting worse than anything, I think. And writing cover letters is just… awful. You have my sympathy. And good luck.

  2. Author says:

    For the record, I’d like to point out that the funky 0 WordPress occasionally swaps for the random o is not my fault! Look for you-know-where in the blog and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

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