Job search: phase one

Education is a glorious endeavor.  Until it’s time to find a job.

I am passionate about education and have few regrets about going to university (with the obvious exception of The Evil Student Loans.)  But oh my gravy, the gap between university and paid employment is beyond stressful.  The student loan is gone (like it lasts all year anyway), the credit cards are maxxed out, and you begin to get delusional that you can become a budget analyst or mechanical supervisor, just so you can apply to something (anything!) on Career Beacon.

Alas, the baby boomers are not retiring en masse (as was promised) and in fact, some are drawing pensions and going back into the workforce.  (I would probably do the same.)

The Econoggedon from United States is a bit frightening.  After all, I went back to university to wait out the recession in academia and come out with more qualifications.  Obviously 2 years wasn’t enough for the world to get its economic act together (then again, rampant capitalism will probably be the downfall of us all.)

So, every day, I’m scouring the want ads, the online postings, and begging for work on my social media.  At this point, I’d take almost anything legal.

I can write a mean cover letter and my resume/CV has been renovated more times than my Facebook page (to put single or not to put single, that is the question, and what kind of quote should represent me?)  I know how to tailor my job materials for any job out there that I am remotely qualified for.

But in a job market such as this, it’s mucho difficult, because there’s so few jobs and so many qualified applicants out there.  When you lack experience, sometimes even awesome credentials can’t get you in the door (even if you’re getting enough letters behind your name to equal the length of your name.)

I’m trying my bestest to enjoy the hordes of time on my hands.  I still have many hours to fill after doing the job search thing.  The unfortunate thing is that you have time to go on vacation or do any number of awesome road trippy things, but no money with which to do it.  I don’t even have the cash to go to the movies or the beach.  Zut.

I’m trying to read a handful of classics (I’m stuck on Dickens’ Bleak House, though, because of its sheer size.)  I’m trying to write everyday.  And I plan to paint my room with a can of mistint I scored for $10.  When you have little structure to your life, you need something to get you out of bed before 2PM.

Ah, university education.  You have altered my life irrevocably.

And Career Beacon, I have a feeling you and I are going to be best friends for a while to come.

This is my bedroom pre-makeover. You can see the peach behind Willis, along with the purple I tested on the walls. Sadly, my room lacks my little gerbils, who have all passed on.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the depressing job prospects!

  2. Author says:

    Frank Magazine had a great bit on the difficulties on finding a job within the Halifax board! The South Shore and Tri-County are much better; I just won’t be getting my certification until October 😦

  3. Belinda says:

    You sound determined.
    Something will turn up…

    Bleak House rocks!

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