Bad blogger

All right, so I haven’t been a good blogger.  I haven’t written a post in the last two months.  (My bad!)

I think one of the things I enjoy about keeping a blog is that it doesn’t demand of you anything.  It doesn’t cry when you don’t write something for a month.  There are no reminders that flash onto your screen.  It’s a writing tool that’s there whenever you need it.

I’ve actually been cheating on my blog and writing somewhere else.

Shock! Gasp!

Yes, I’ve been taking advantage of spring fever to do some writing of the fictional variety.  This has always been my first true love, long before newspaper articles and blogs and Tweets and all the other things I like to do.

I started writing novels when I was 16, mostly by accident.  I haven’t entirely completed them to my satisfaction.  There are a couple I’m still working on with an eye to having them in a publishable stage at some point.  Obviously this process takes awhile (unless you’re Danielle Steel) because writing a coherent piece of work for a sustained amount of time takes time and effort.  At least for me.

And so this spring, I’ve decided to get back to my true love, and work my fiction muscle.  Thanks to being a professional student for the last decade, I’ve been able to grow as a writer, and now I might as well put it to good use.  I can finally finish those things I was a bit too young and naive to finish years ago.

I’m not sure where the writing bug ever came from except that I grew up in a house where there were lots of books and reading time.  I only had two channels of TV growing up, so being glued to the television screen wasn’t an attractive option.  You gotta do something to keep from going stir crazy in the country!

And so, I apologize for my neglectful blogging; I can only hope that my spring writing fever will infect all aspects of my life and not just my fiction.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. harpmando says:

    2 channels, black and white, with a dot in the middle of the screen when you turned it off.

    Your not alone, no blog entries from me for ages, I think there is a bit of blog fatigue about.

    Does not matter how often you post, just keep doing it.

    take care


  2. Laura Best says:

    I understand completely. Following what’s most important gets us where we want to go. We all get distracted from time to time. Hard to find that balance. I wish you much success as you venture forward. 🙂

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