So I watched the royal wedding

I had no intention of dragging my night-owly self out of bed at 3 in order to watch the wedding, but I’m delighted I didn’t have to.

When I woke up at my usual 6:30, I switched on the TV and discovered they were just airing the royal arrivals at Westminster Abbey.  While I ate my peaches n’ cream, I watched Will and Kate say their I dos.

A memento from my cousin's wedding.

Random thoughts:

The dress.  Catherine’s dress was exquisite and timeless.  Oddly enough, though, despite its timelessness, it was strikingly modern.  Kate is a modern woman with a university degree and lots of confidence, so her dress choice made sense.  Out of respect for royal dowdiness, she did not wear a sleeveless dress.  However, her plunging neckline and body-hugging bodice shows she’s not afraid to show off her sexy side.

The makeup.  I think it’s pretty nifty Kate did her own makeup.  She stayed true to her eyeliner-loving self.  Of course, when you’re being broadcast to billions, and being shot by telephoto lenses that look big as bazookas, outlining your peepers isn’t a bad idea.

The trees.  Being naive about British architecture, I thought (maybe) trees grew naturally in Westminster Abbey.  Nope, they were brought in especially for the nuptials.  I thought the spring foliage was nice.  I think when you’re getting married in a church with lots of dead people entombed in it, a little greenery is a great touch.  I want trees in my church when (if) I get married.

The hats.  All women invited to the wedding had to wear hats.  That explains the hordes of hats (or the hat hordes.)  There were outrageous hats and there were timid hats.  There were hats from which you could have eaten nachos and dip, and there were hats that looked like desserts.  I’m not sure I own a hat of that calibre.

The genes.  I’m not sure what the Middleton clan eats, but I do wish I had their metabolisms!  Kate’s mother and sister are both elegant and slim.  And Kate’s mother could pass as her sister.

The term Commoner.  I’m not sure I agree that the Middletons are common.  While they started their lives as working folk, the fact they are now millionaires makes them a lot less common than most of us.  While they don’t have royal lineage behind them, or titles of places I’ve never been, they’re not exactly Marge and Homer Simpson.  Also, there’s something cheap about being called Commoner.

The brother-in-law.  There’s something so cheeky and roguish about Prince Harry.  I wonder what he whispered to William when he turned around and watching Kate walking down the aisle.

Finally, questions I have after watching the wedding:

  • Why did Kate walk ahead of her bridal party?
  • Why does Kate spell her Kate with a K when her Catherine is spelled with a C?
  • Do the royals do a receiving line?
  • Do people get drunk at royal weddings the same as at real weddings?

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