Spring flooding: Lunenburg County Edition

One of New Germany's ancient bridges (e.g. built in the late 1800s, early 1900s.) The water isn't normally so close to the bridge's bottom. In really bad floods, the water flows over the bridge. All these pictures were taken today.
The edges of the river are no longer well defined. The LaHave has spilled its banks.
The falls close to Guppy's Restaurant on Trunk 10 on the border of New Germany and Pinehurst. Usually the water does not rush like this.
A close up of the falls. Look at the logs caught in the torrent.
This campground in Pinehurst gets wet every spring without fail, since it's right on the LaHave River.
The campground again. Very soggy.
This is the flood plain of Pinehurst, on Trunk 10. Typically, the river winds through the field; now the river spreads all over the field.
The flood plain again. It would definitely make some good rice paddy area.

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  1. Laura Best says:

    So much water…I feel as though we live in another world. Lots of snow here in E. Dalhousie. Maybe when I wake in the morning it will all be gone. 🙂

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