Store vultures

I love bargains.  I love shopping, yes, but I looooove bargains.  That’s why I scour Frenchy’s and Value Village like a professional archaeologist, digging deep for that special discovery.

My latest bargain hunting expedition occurred by accident.  I was getting my hair cut when the stylist whispered, “Next door, everything’s marked down to 75% off because they’re going out of business.”

Now few things can make my heart go pitter-patter the way 75% off does.

You can depend that the second I was out of the chair (and paid the bill, obviously) I high-tailed it to said store.

As a university student, I don’t have a lot of scratch to spend on random sales (in fact, I probably shouldn’t spend any, but at least I don’t have a Blackberry or Wii), so when I can find a great sale, I’m there like stink on a monkey.

The store in question was one of those teeny-bopper stores filled with earrings, sunglasses, and pink hair extensions (so in other words, a place where you can find lots of nifty things!)  Ironically, upon hearing of the store’s untimely demise earlier, I remarked, “Oh, now where will preteens find inferior Made in China products that break the first time they wear them?”

So I’m cruising through the store for bargains, noting the upheaval of empty shelves and discarded purchases tossed over the floor, when it strikes me: I’m a vulture.

I didn’t support the store before.  How fair is it that I’m in here now, scavenging the bargains?

No, this moment of guilt didn’t keep me from picking up a few sunglasses, lip glosses, and my favourite purchase, silver earrings to keep my ear lobes from turning red (I wish I could wear cheap earrings.)  Let’s not get crazy here.  There were deals to be had.

But it made me wonder: why do shoppers who don’t patronize a store at the best of times converge on the store during the going out of business sale?

Does it mean the prices were too high in the beginning?

Are we just suckers for a bargain?

I will not stop scoping out great deals.  Perish the thought!  But I still can’t help but feel a tiny pang for not supporting stores before they hit the crisis point.  Of course, that pang is soon pacified by 75% off.

It's not like I need any more beauty products. Evidence: my makeup basket.

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