Things to do when the power’s out (which is often)

These stormy days, when nor’easters pound our province, are prime days for being stuck inside the house doing nothing.  Especially if the power goes out.

So here’s some ways to spend a day when you’re lacking electricity (and Facebook and probably this blog post.)

  • Texting all your neighbours to see if they have power.
  • Calling the Nova Scotia Power outage line to see when the power is going to be restored (1-877-428-6004.)  And calling.  And calling again.
  • Texting all your friends to see if they have power.  And if they do, can you shower at their place?
  • Driving hours to get to a Tim’s for some caffeine.
  • Light a fire in your fireplace (or in an aluminum garbage can in the middle of your living room if you’re squirrelly.)
  • If you make a fire, toast weenies or marshmallows.
  • Play cards and bet with pennies!
  • Initiate a round of “I spy with my little eye.”  I spy with my little eye something that is pimply.
  • Nap.
  • If you have a partner, have a nap with benefits.  (This is why many babies are born 9 months after big power outages.)
  • Take a flashlight or laser pointer and play with your animal or toddler.  Great floor show!  Please, people, do not shine a laser or flashlight directly in their eyes!
  • Bundle up, go outside, and make snow angels (or devils if you’re really bad.)
  • Find an instrument and begin a sing-song.  There’s always the spoons!
  • Take a flashlight and tell ghost stories.
  • Makes jokes about how funny you smell because you haven’t had a bath in forever.  (Same if you have a bad case of bedhead or hathead.)
  • Spend quality time with your pets.  Or loved ones.  You know, you could always, I dunno, TALK!
  • Play “find enough batteries for your radio.”
  • Use flashlights to have a poetry reading.
  • Wrestle old school WWF style.
  • Imitate all the celebrities or relatives you can.
  • Chinese checkers.  Checkers.  Monopoly.  Clue.
  • Foot rubs.
  • Yoga.  Pilates.  Piloga.  Whatever floats your boat.
  • Curse that you have all cordless phones which are totally useless during an outage.  (Or, if you were smart enough to save an old corded one, call a friend!)
  • Have a candlelight picnic on your kitchen floor with a freshly opened can of beans or Chef Boyardee.
  • Talk about semiotics or feminist theory.
  • Reminiscence over old pictures, laughing at the mullets and BJ bangs.

Those are just a few ideas when you’re bored and powerless.  What do you do when the power goes out?

Candles are essential power outage equipment!

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