Best ever non-word words

Here are some of my favourite non-word words, the kind that do not (usually) make it into the Oxford English Dictionary ( or any other resource pertaining to the English language.  Interestingly enough, some words become part of accepted speech because they are used so much.  I’m still waiting to hear from Oxford on these words.

ain’t: a perennial classic of are not or is not.  I ain’t doing that!

dasn’t: some contorted version of dare not from Nova Scotia that never fails to induce giggles.  You dasn’t hurt yourself!

flickerdoodle: related to thingamajig.  Can you pass me that flickerdoodle, please?

lilygogs: some kind of mythical foliage alongside the road.  Possibly related to lily pads.  She went upside down in the lily gogs!

mach chicken: this denotes a high rate of speed.  That car was going mach chicken! Thanks to my cousin for coming up with this unusual phrase.

snuh: a favourite of Marge Simpson, denoting a random sound that sounds like something but is actually nothing.

thingamajig: thingamabob.  Where’s that thingamajig I use in the kitchen?

truthiness: Stephen Colbert is an expert at making non-words words.  This is one particular case.  It’s truth, with a political twist.  So untrue.

unpossible: a nod to Ralph Wiggum.  Me fail English?  That’s unpossible!

wassup: we can thank Budweiser for bringing us this slurred version of what’s up?  Hey dude, wassup?

wha: Welcome to Lunenburg County, where we don’t say “eh” at the end of a sentence, but wha. That’s some good movie, wha?

I'm not sure how fast mach chicken is...


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