15 Random things about me

If you couldn’t tell, I like lists.  Any lists.  The art appeals to my attention span.

So here’s 25 things that are fairly unique to me.  If they are things which aren’t unique to me, I would appreciate knowing if there are others of my species.

  1. I really like baby cereal.  Specifically rice cereal.  I mix it with milk, then top it with a thin layer of white sugar for a little bit of crunch.  Sounds weird, but it’s full of iron and other goodies!
  2. My bed must be fresh on Sunday night or any night which starts my work week.  No crinkles, no wrinkles.  Must be fresh as a daisy and preferably smelling like Purex Baby Soft or Tide with Downy.
  3. I subsist on a diet of cereal, pasta, and milk.
  4. I have an affinity for using words like subsist. And affinity. If you knew what I paid for the ability to use words like that, you would use them too!
  5. On a related note, I’m terrible at math. For example, I should’ve calculated the interest I will need to pay on my student loan before going the Liberal Arts route.
  6. I picked out my last cell phone because it came with lip gloss.  It’s pink.
  7. One of my favourite things to do is sit at my piano and sing.  Do I do it well?  That’s not the important part.
  8. I’ve never broken a bone that I know of.
  9. I’m a product whore. In my bathtub you’ll find four sets of conditioner, two kinds of shave cream, six bars of soap, etc etc. If it’s new, I want to try it!
  10. Handmade things rock, like homemade preserves, quilts, cookies, etc. And doilies. I’m practically an old lady!
  11. I’m terrified of propane, electricity, and throwing up.
  12. I love my car because it has a subwoofer in the trunk and I like everyone else hearing my music and wondering where the bass is coming from.
  13. I love flyer day (Thursday) because going through the flyers is old school shopping. As much as I love the internet, I love getting ink on my fingers as I sift through the week’s specials.
  14. I have a two coffee per day minimum to stay alert and sentient.
  15. I sleep with a fan running all night. In winter too. It’s kind of like sleeping in a convertible.

What makes you unique and/or weird?  Don’t be shy!

I once tried to be cool.

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