A retrospective of 2010

December 31 is all about looking back and seeing how our world has changed in the last 12 months.

I know I have changed a lot in 2010, mostly because I decided to go back to school and get a Bachelor of Education and begin teaching younguns.

So here it is: 2010, the year that was.

This year, I continued to herb garden and not know what to cook with all of my crop.
  • I went back to Acadia for my third degree: a B.Ed so I could get my teacher’s certificate and begin warping moulding young minds.
  • As a result of my education (which focuses a lot on leadership and confidence) I’ve become a lot more assertive.  I likes it.  I always needed it.
  • Began caring for a betta.  Then it died.  I have yet to adopt another betta.
  • My gerbil husbandry came to an end with the passing of Willis, my last little boy.  I’ve decided to take a hiatus from gerbils unless I rescue one, mostly because they live such short little lives and die very slowly.
  • Jack the cat finally received permission to come into my room and sleep on my bed upon the passing of my last gerbil.  A room without a pet is just not the same.  I’ve rediscovered the coziness of having a cat sleep at your feet.
  • Finally unpacked all my stuff at my mother’s house after moving in a couple of years ago.
  • Discovered a deep and endearing love of The Big Bang Theory. Geekiness is cool!
  • Rejoined PlentyofFish.com to see what kind of fishies are about.  I refuse to go to The Lounge.
  • Retired Ruby, the loyal 1997 Grand Prix that faced snow with a look of haughty derision.  Scarlett the G5 became a single child.
  • Rediscovered Cheez Whiz and other processed foods that probably should be left on grocery store shelves.
  • Went to the drive in for the first time in, like, forever.  Go Cambridge Lions club!
  • Became a road warrior, doing animal interventions when wayward critters got in the road.  Ducks, rabbits, turtles, cats, you name it.
  • Requested my credit report and discovered I need to use my future earnings to increase my financial health ASAP!
  • Learned how to make homemade donair sauce in response to Pizza Delight becoming stingy and charging for the succulent sauce.  If I didn’t like Pizza Delight so much, I would go somewhere else.  Darn you.  But at least I can make a mean donair sauce.
  • Learned how to make homemade caesar dressing.  I am no longer at the mercy of the delicious garlicky Pita House for my fix of garlic.
  • Hoarded Beep in response to the retirement of this nostalgic concoction of chemicals and its slight amount of juice.

Twas a great year Cheez Whiz and all.  Who knows what adventures 2011 will bring?  Perhaps there will a Nutella revival.


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