Roundabout Roulette

The Apocalypse is here!

Be in fear!  For rural Nova Scotia now has another roundabout!

A what?

Okay, it’s kind of like what the Armdale Rotary used to be.  Only it’s like what the Armdale Rotary is now.  A roundabout.

Now I for one have nothing totally against a roundabout.  In theory.  In fact, it saves lives because you’re less likely to be sideswiped in a roundabout, and if you do get smoked, it’s at a lower speed and better angle (thanks Wikipedia for your words of wisdom!)

However, I find it somewhat amusing that rural Nova Scotians now have to adjust to a roundabout when so many countryfolk avoid the Armdale Rotary (Roundabout) like the plague (actually more people would rather have the plague, I figger.)

All the construction on Commercial Street has led to a roundabout.  And not just any simple roundabout, but one with enough lanes to get shoppers to all the big box stores in New Minas.

I’m fairly fearless in the Armdale Rotary (Roundabout): rule of the road means you pretty much give’r whenever there’s a hole in traffic.  And if you want to keep people from getting in, you can give’r more (after all, they have to yield to people in the circle.  Suckers.)

However, I fear roundabouts because most of us simple country folk aren’t edumacated in their proper usage.  In fact, I’ll bet there’s still folk who go to the Armdale Rotary (Roundabout) and give one, take one, like the ol’ days.

Not that change is always a bad thing.  But it took the Wolfville crowd time to adjust to the new four-way stop in town:

I don’t hold high hopes for the new roundabout in New Minas, or the one they’d like to build in Bridgewater.

It’s probably a good thing collisions aren’t serious in roundabouts.  I smell a few of them coming this Christmas season.  Especially since Wolfville is home to a university population and drivers there couldn’t figure out the new stop sign.


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  1. Glenn Duncan says:

    Simply put… the Europeans know how to handle large amounts of traffic in small areas and this is what we invented (needs verification). It is used everywhere from Highways (very large roundabouts with traffic signals) to the center of major cities (Edinburgh, London, Paris & Amsterdam to name but a few) to little towns and villages where several roads converge.

    Yes… it will be a challenge, I was shocked at the Youtube video, but changes takes time to take hold in certain places where people are not used to anything other than what they see in their local community. Maybe if the drivers were paying more attention the 102 might not have as many accidents as it does. Okay, so that rant went way off topic but I think you see where I am coming from.

  2. Miss Julie says:

    I think it would help if the government (whether provincial or municipal) took the time to tell everyone how to use them properly, and began including them in driver’s exams and whatnot.

    And yes, people need to pay more attention. The four way stop in Wolfville is the best example of that. Four way stops are not rocket science, but people don’t navigate them very well.

    Come to think it, roundabouts might be the way of the future!

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