Bad, bad blogger!

October 11. That’s the last time I blogged. Very weak, I’ll admit. At one point, I was blogging furiously daily. Then came full-time university and my teaching practicum. And it all went you-know-where in the you-know-what-basket.

The holidays are here. Therefore, I can blog aplenty. (If I can drag my sorry corpse out of bed before 11.)

Yes, I have only been on vacation since Friday and I have logged more hours sleeping than a newborn. I’m becoming part cat, which my cat Jack enjoys, as he always has a lap or bed to enjoy.

Here are a few things I’m bound to accomplish this holiday season if I can correct my newfound narcolepsy:

  • bakign shortbread cookies
  • organizing my basement library which is made up, literally, of the wrong kind of stacks
  • decreasing the mice population in my house (or at least ridding the cupboards of rice-sized turds)
  • cleaning up my computer (there’s enough photographs on the hard drive to resink the Titanic, Lusitania, Empress of Ireland, and Atlantic combined)
  • painting my bedroom and finally rid the walls of the two splotches of test paint I splotched on the wall last spring
  • completing my students’ marking
  • finally starting my exercise regime
  • finally starting my eating better regime
  • finally looking up another word for regime in thesaurus
  • visiting people I don’t see often enough
  • eating turkey leftovers until I slip into a tryptophan coma

What are your holiday plans?

I love taking pictures in the fall. This one features Wile's Carding Mill in Bridgewater.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Derrick Rockwell says:

    Had to go with the sleeping.

    And don’t worry about the blog and no so frequent posting, I think it goes with owning one. I mean, look at mine, 5 years and counting since my last blog post.

    1. Miss Julie says:

      There you go, D-Rock!

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