My top reasons for not blogging

Bad girl, bad girl!  A whole month of no blogs, few Tweets… how has the world ever survived?

I have a few topics in my back pocket, but they’re a bit more serious, and I don’t feel like serious today because I’ve been sick with a flu-cold for the past six days and am having dreams of Bengal tigers in small places (I keep warning you, Yann Martel, stay out of my dreams!)

Another reason for not blogging? Too durn busy taking pictures! This rainbow had the audacity to interrupt this blog post.

Here are some of my favourite excuses for not being on the blogosphere.

  • sick gerbil.  No really.  It was more important that I nurse him than write.
  • sick blogger.  As mentioned above, I have had some sort of plague.  It’s a cold with all the hallmarks of a flu.  Good times.
  • oodles of schoolwork.  Not that my program is particularly academically challenging.  It’s just that I have been meeting my quota of thinking work, writing work, and reading work.  Those Nova Scotia curriculum guides are very gripping.
  • The Big Bang Theory has become very engrossing.  I love all the big words in the dialogue.  Note to self: look up synonym for big so I sound more smarter.
  • the fall weather is divine.  Seriously, can anyone stay inside when you have to wring every bit of summer out of the dwindling daylight hours?  I think not.
  • Facebook sucks up my social media interest and piddles it away on silly status updates and Bejewelled Blitz.
  • as a future teacher, I wonder if I should even be writing out my thoughts online for future pupils to read
  • I’m on an organizational kick.  I finally have the urge to unpack after so many years.  This month, my project involved organizing all my school supplies.  Now I want to do my library, even if it means just organizing my stacks because I can’t afford shelves for my library quite yet.
  • I apparently felt the need to dye my hair yet again.  And I did not follow my own advice to beware brunette colours because they  end up much darker than you expect.  Hello Morticia Addams hair.
  • As fall approaches, I have the urge to cook and bake comfort food.  Case in point: last night’s homemade macaroni and cheese, followed by banana chocolate chip muffins.  Helllllllo carb coma.
  • On some weekends, I assist at birthday parties for kids.  Thankfully I don’t have to don any weird costumes except for mandatory yellow shirts, baseball caps, and heavy aprons.  (Wait a minute… )
  • soon I’ll be milking the I’m-redoing-my-room excuse.  I have a beautiful can of purple paint from the mistint shelf ($50 can of paint for $10!) and new curtains from Value Village to replace the gerbil chewed set which are currently hanging.  I think it’s soon time to commit to a new room for winter.

There you have it.  My reasons for not blogging.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the principal’s office.  Hehehe.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Best says:

    Wearing a wierd costume might be fun. Maybe you should give it a try…

    Blogging is time consuming. We all have times when we just have to live life and not blog about it..

    You’re forgiven… for the time being. 🙂

  2. vj says:

    Dear Morticia:

    Ex-hairdressers hint — You’ll be alright with brunette shades if you choose one shade/level lighter than you think you want. Also, damaged (dyed) hair grabs the dye more, especially on the ends. Trim them, if necessary, post-colour. And lastly, pay attention to your colouring — if its cool (you have pink undertones in your skin, stick to ash or neutral shades; if it’s warm (you have yellow or gold undertones) choose warm or golden shades of brown.


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