Happy New Year: another September is here!

While I enjoy celebrating the New Year January first (usually from the safety of my couch while wrapped in a blankie) I don’t feel that is the proper start to the year.  Nor is the Chinese New Year.

No, for me, the New Year starts in September!

My best New Year resolutions start in the fall.  If I want to lose weight, fall is the perfect time to start, because I’ve just had a disappointing swimsuit season and would love to get in shape to wear a two piece next year.

It’s the newness of the school year, though, that best defines me.  I’ve been a professional student far too long, so a new semester has always marked the next epoch in my life.  It’s the beginning of change, of hope.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the shopping required to go back to school.  The new shoes.  New clothes still smelling of the toxic dressing that preserves them from sweatshop factories.

Okay, obviously I don’t love that one; neither did I love the smell of cigarette on my clothes back in the days the Bridgewater Mall had a smoking section.

As I’ve gotten older (and student-poor) I’ve changed my shopping experiences from malls to places like Frenchy’s and Value Village.  These days, I have to be mindful of spending too much.  Designer jeans costing $90 a pop are simply out of the question.

Regardless, whether I’m washing out the musty smell of second-hand clothes, or the toxic smell of new clothes from Old Navy, it signifies change, a new me.

I like me, perhaps even love me, but I love a new time to change.

Though the fall is all about foliage dying and animals getting ready to hibernate, I enjoy taking the time to become a better person even if that means slapping on some tooth whitening strips or trying on a new shirt.  While these activities are essentially hollow, they lift my spirit and usher in a new period of change.

Perhaps this year I have resolved to be more outgoing or make more friends.  Maybe I would like to get better marks in a course I find difficult.  Or perhaps I simply have to get through this year in order to achieve my next year’s goal (like becoming a full-time educator or anything.  Just something with pay!)

Fall is my favourite time of year.  Yes, spring is all about renewal.  But armed with fresh stationary that still has that special smell, pens that still spill streams of ink, and new clothes that lift my spirits, fall and the beginning of a new school semester herald my favourite season of all.

Happy New Year!

The sun rising on a new year. Seminary House, Acadia University.

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  1. Laura Best says:

    I hope this year is all you want it to be and more. Best of luck, Julie.

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