Goodbye Earl (and goodbye sunflowers)

He came and went.  Earl.  Hurricane Earl.

Thankfully, even though he made landfall at the edge of Lunenburg County, near St. Margaret’s Bay, we weathered the storm quite well with the exception of two giant sunflowers.  In fact, now that it’s over, it seems all very anticlimatic (like, so that was it?)

Before I brag too much, I have to admit that some people have lost trees and power.  Fair enough.

However, when I awoke at 9, just as the wind was getting blustery and rain was pelting through the screens into my bedroom, it could’ve been much worse.  I quickly had breakfast and a bath once the power flickered a couple of times.  Given Nova Scotia Power’s track record, I’m surprised our power stayed on.

It’s not the same story in other places.  Power is off in pockets all across the province, and Nova Scotia’s outage information is predicting it won’t be restored until Monday.  Hopefully that’s the worst case scenario: hopefully it will begin flickering on again by afternoon or evening today.

Hurricane Juan was similarly anticlimatic for me too.  I was in the Annapolis Valley at the time.  It was barely grazed by the wind and rain of Juan.  In fact, we would not have even known there was a hurricane in Nova Scotia.  That’s how odd the weather can be within even 100-150 kilometres’ difference.

So today I’m going to relax and be thankful the air conditioning is on and the fans are still blowing away the tropical heat we’ve been plagued with all week.

Goodbye Earl!

I snapped this pic of my sunflowers long before Earl.

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  1. Laura Best says:

    8 hours without power. I’m glad Earl has taken a hike. (I’m actually surprised that it was only 8 hrs.)

    1. Miss Julie says:

      We were so lucky ours only flickered! When the air conditioning stopped, I think my heart stopped! I’m glad to feel a change in the air today. The breeze is beautiful.

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