PIN madness and password fatigue

If I sat down and begin thinking of all the PINs, usernames, and security questions I need to remember, I would go slightly mad.

Credit cards (2), debit cards (3), e-mail (3), my computer, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, WordPress, Blogger, Service Canada, online banking, online credit card banking, telephone banking (2), student assistance site, internet movie database, Wikipedia, Pay Pal, eBay,, Chapters, Weebly, iKeepbookmarks, Air Miles, Equifax, On Star, Petro Points, Shoppers Optimum, PJ Pets…grrrr!  I can’t even think of them all!  Stupid password fatigue!

Then there’s all those security questions!  What is your favourite food?  Who is your favourite singer?  What is your mother’s uncle’s brother’s child’s name?

It’s to the point I find it difficult to verify my own identity.  I’ve had the Canadian Revenue Agency hang up on me because I couldn’t figure out which of the 10 addresses I’ve had over the last decade was the one on file.

I gave the representative one of my mailing addresses and he said, “Sorry, can’t help you.  Goodbye.”

And he hung up like I was a thief!

When I called back and got another agent, I managed to discover I had given the first man my mailing address instead of my civic address.

Le sigh.

I appreciate passwords protecting our information and identities.  I think that’s hunky-dory.

However, when I can’t verify my own identity or remember one of the 700 plus passwords I’ve used over the last decade since passwords became necessary for every facet of daily life, I begin to go a little batty.  It’s no wonder I’ve lost my SIN card and birth certificate.  (It was surprisingly easy to get a new copy of my birth certificate, though I almost got one of the facts about my life wrong.)

Considering I can’t remember any of my information, I find it amazing that identity theft occurs.  How can someone pretend to be me when I can’t even be me?

Thankfully, I’ve decided to use the same password for most of my things, with the exception of my important financial information.  (Though this is the worst thing one can do, as it means anyone can hack your accounts once they figure out your code is your birthday.)

Then there’s usernames.

Having trouble remembering your log-in information?  Type your username and we’ll send you the password.

Aaarrgh!  Usernames!  Worse than the codes!

I think I’m going to start a book with every username and password in it I can possibly remember.  If anyone ever breaks into my house, they’ll get my important information, like how much money is in my bank account (joke’s on them) or how much credit is available on my cards (haha, good luck with that!) and whatnot.

At least I’ll be able to remember all that information when I need it.

I look forward to the day when retina or fingerprint scans can be used.  Until then, consider me password fatigued.


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  1. Dean says:

    I hear ya! Here’s something you can try. They say to not store your user and passwords on your computer itself, but I have a doc with all that info and I save it to my USB/flash drive which I carry around with me all the time. That way, if I forget, it’s right there in a neat typed doc. I just can’t lose my flash drive 😉

    1. Miss Julie says:

      That sounds like a great idea! Anything to keep track of all those PINs…

  2. vegetablej says:

    Funny and true! The nightmare comes when you’re trying to come up with a UserID that no one else has used yet, and do it without numbers, so it’s easier to remember. Blubbergreasepomade or flappingsneakerlaces may still be available.

    What I want to know is when Revenue Canada became so picky. Do they really think fake people are applying to pay your taxes????


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