Stalking Sam Elliott, part two

I was back stalking Hollywood north today.

My cover?  Tim Horton’s.  I had the perfect view of the downtown set.

Plus, I got to see Sam Elliott and it only cost me a doughnut and milk.  (Yesterday’s Subway venture was an epic failure.)

Sam Elliott and John Corbett are in Wolfville filming a Hallmark movie called A November Christmas, which will air this fall on CBS.

Wolfville’s downtown core (snickers) was adorned with wreaths, lights, and Christmas trees.  It was slightly incongruous with the sweat running down my forehead as I meandered through what is basically an open set since it’s the town itself.

The abandoned business at the corner of Gaspereau and Main has been transformed into a beautiful diner and floral shop.  Well, at least a petunia shop.  There’s a proliferation of petunias for sale there.

And that’s where I spotted Sam Elliott, with his trademark mustache and decided swagger.  Unfortunately, he was not dressed in a Stetson, but a plain reddish T-shirt.  I guess he’s not typecast in this particular flick.

If I had known that John Corbett was the hunk from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I would’ve been on the alert to see him.  Probably it’s a good thing I didn’t spy him from across the street.  Two scenarios would’ve happened.  One, I would’ve gotten run over by a car in the street.  Two, security may have had to have a talk with me.

I watched the peons rig up cameras and smoke their break-cigarettes from my perch at the Tim Horton’s.  I had to endure some cancer-tainted smoke from the smokers who hang out around at the Tim’s, but it was worth it to have a sneak peek at how a movie is made.

I love watching how movies are made.  That’s one aspect of the DVD revolution that appeals to me: watching how imaginary worlds are created and presented to the audience.

I can’t wait to see how Wolfville or “Sullivan Cove” is portrayed in the movie.  Maybe Sam Elliott will have a Stetson then.

Why, it's the Sullivan Cove Public Library in Rhode Island! Actually, it's just one of the transformed buildings in Wolfville for the new Hallmark movie.
Base camp is set up at Acadia's arena parking lot. Hope those trailers have air conditioning!
It takes a lot of work to fake having Christmas in November when it's really August.
Light and Lens is where I had my grad pictures taken many moons ago.
Herbins is looking good.
I love the smell of balsam fir early in the afternoon.
Love the wreaths on the light poles.
Petunias! Lots of petunias!
The sign that says I can't stalk any further. Sad panda.
Flowers. Lots of flowers.
It sure do take a lot of people to make one of them there movies.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    I would have TOTALLY been on board to stalk down John Corbett…and FYI, love your blog! Gee, where ever did you learn to write? hmmmm? lol

  2. Gena says:

    It was beautifull tonight in Wolfville Nova Scotia watching them film NOVEMBER CHRISTMAS by Hallmark. The entire town was adorned with Christmas Lights and all the celebrities were on the set. It airs November 28 on cbs and stars Sam Elliott(Jess Sanford), Karen Allen(Claire Sanford), John Corbett (Tom Marks), Sara Paulson (Beth Marks), Emily Alyn Lind (Vanessa Marks), Max Charles (Gordon Marks)

  3. deana smith says:

    Those kids are ADORABLE and so polite and friendly. I got their autograph earlier in the day across from where they are making the movie. They even took pictures with us. I cant wait to see Emily Lind (Vanessa Marks) and Max CHARLES (Vanessas little brother Gordon Marks) in November Christmas on Hallmark

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