Stalking Sam Elliott in Wolfville

Wolfville is the location of a new Hallmark Movie starring Sam Elliott.  August 11, the town was transformed into a holiday wonderland even though Christmas is a long ways away from the 30 degree temperatures and all the people walking down the sidewalk in shorts and flip-flops.

Alas, I did not see Elliott and his trademark moustache; nor did I hear his voice talking about the country or Dodge Rams.

I did, however, enjoy a turkey breast sub at Subway while watching crew install decorations at the Coffee Merchant.

There were no brushes with fame, though I did enjoy my sub.

Crew are bunking in their trailers at the Acadia Arena parking lot.  I’m not sure if Sam is there or not.

The old building on the corner of Main Street and Gaspereau Avenue has a new coat of paint I need to see on my travels.  It’s great some local people are getting work on the movie.  Wonder if they’ll hire me?

The movie, set in Rhode Island and about a girl facing a serious illness, is set to air on CBS in November.  It’s about holding Christmas early for a young woman who may or may not make it to December 25th.

Guess I won’t be getting it on TFC!

If you're thinking Wolfville is putting out its Christmas decorations early this year, don't worry. It's for a Hallmark movie.

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