Lunenburg County Safari

You never know what you’ll see when you’re driving in Southwestern Nova Scotia.

Here are a few of the fine specimens I’ve seen whilst driving.  Most are not my pictures; as you know, most animals on safari are not obliging enough to wait for you to pull over, dig for your camera, wait for it to load up, and shoot the picture.

My thanks to Wikipedia for most of the fine photos.

One of the more common specimens you'll see on your safari. These doe-eyed creatures are particularly dangerous to cars and motorbikes, as they often cross the road at inopportune times.
These devious rodents shoot across the road quite frequently, attempting to drive you into the ditch so they can laugh and chitter at you. Beware: they only look cute.
Note: Do not stare too long out your sunroof to see bald eagles soaring majestically over your head. Just food for thought.
These foul-tempered rodents can take out trees, meaning they can take you out too. Do not approach unless armed with a peace stick.
I'm petitioning the government to require all black bears wear Vizy Vests at night so they're visible.
The household cat, a creature to be feared by all mice, birds, and snakes, sometimes baby rabbits. Don't stare into its eyes too long, or you'll end up as a "present" on the doorstep.
Often in cahoots with the squirrel, the chipmunk is a jaywalker which threatens motorists everywhere.
You'll often see this creature, the Eastern Coyote, trying to outwit the Road Runner. Mee-meep!
February 2, watch out. If this guy sees his shadow, it's six more weeks of winter.
Seriously, these are the most frightening things I have encountered on the roads. Seriously. In person (in cow) these things are ginormous furry monsters. Native to Farmington.
The labrador retriever is a truly frightening animal. It may lick you to death, a horrifying prospect for any clean, safari traveller.
If you happen to be wearing a mink stole, watch out for this noble creature. It just might trap you.
The painted turtle is to be feared. It might toddle towards you at a slow rate of speed.
Truly frightening for all snake-phobes, the Garter Snake can grow almost a metre long. And it's patterned after old men's garters. Noooooo!
Just because it's achingly slow doesn't mean it's not a force to be reckoned with. Just ask any dog which has gotten too close.
This masked attacker will steal trash without mercy. Secure all garbage carefully and rig with an alarm, possibly its own body-guard.
Don't be fooled: this specimen is foxy. Sometimes it's not even red. That's just not right. How can a red fox be black?
OMG, a robin! Turn up the windows if you're in a car. If walking, run.
The skunk. I am shivering now. It's like Fear Factor all over again.
Never trust an animal that changes colours like the Snowshoe Hare. There's something creepy about camouflage. It reminds me of crazy snipers.
Okay, so I have never seen this cute little kitty but I sure have heard it. It sounds like it's the size of a tiger. You can almost hear the blood dripping from its teeth.
Okay, so I haven't seen this one yet either. But I do believe that someday, I will see the elusive cougar outside of a bar. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Shari says:

    Hello! *waves* Found your blog via Laura Best’s award post. Love all the pictures–esp the porcupine, and that dangerous labrador retriever, lol. 🙂

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