Remembering old school CKBW as HANK-FM hits the air

For those of you who live in large towns, you probably don’t get excited when a new radio station hits the air.  Why should you?  Stations come and go.

In a small place like Lunenburg County, though, radio stations change once every three generations or thereabouts.

So the fact we have a new radio station is quite extraordinary, the result of much hard work by the folks at Acadia Broadcasting.

For years, everyone and their dog listened to CKBW.  (The BW stands for Bridgewater, where the station is based.)  For years, CKBW was country.  Hard core country.  My grandpappy listened to it hard core country.

When the station flipped from 1000 AM to 98.1 FM, the format changed from country to adult contemporary, mostly current hits and a few old favourites.  So not the kind of music my grandpappy listened to while chewing tobacky.

Well country is back on the South Shore.  CKBW launched sister station HANK-FM on July 22 at 6 in the morning.  That’s 100.7 CJHK for you call letter folk.

Time will tell if it will become an institution like the old radio station.  As it’s supposed to have a modern twist to accommodate the changing demographic of the South Shore (e.g. all the liberal-minded arts folks now populating Chester, Mahone Bay, and Lunenburg) it probably won’t have some of the old features that became part of CKBW folklore.

Likely there will be no more:

Swap Shop. I sure miss hearing about all those Holstein heifers for sale.  Four for four hundred and forty five coppers.  Call 644.4444.  Any wonder this was in the 644 exchange?  If it mooed or came from a mooer, you can bet it was on Swap Shop, the program where you could buy, sell, or trade.

Bill’s Store commercials.  Bill’s Store, Mahone Bay, is long gone (good-bye Toy Land) along with the catchy advertisements I heard every morning on the school bus, “All aboard for the one and only, the original money saver… Bill’s Store!”  Trust me, if you’re my age, you can sing this commercial off by heart.  Jingles are the most insidious forms of mind manipulation brought to us by the advertising world.

Funeral announcements?  The country station I worked for in the Annapolis Valley had funeral announcements just like CKBW.  Oh boy, nothing makes you want to change the channel faster!  I think you have to be an octogenarian to appreciate this particular radio feature.  I prefer the funeral home webpages meself.

So who knows how the new station will pan out?

If you happen to becruising around the 644, or are visiting the South Shore, be sure to dial in to 100.7 FM.  You never know when someone might have a pound of butter for sale.  Or a motor for a blue truck.

Land of CKBW and Hank FM.

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