Things I sure can say no to…

Since I did a post on things I can’t say no to earlier this week, I thought I’d offer up a list of things I sure can say no to.  And there are lots of them.

  • liver and onions
  • liver (like onions though)
  • hot weather
  • mathematics outside the scope of a) shopping b) money c) nutritional information
  • casseroles (except for the hashbrown casserole, but it’s not really a casserole)
  • intolerance
  • rude people
  • snakes (it really doesn’t help they eat rodents like gerbils)
  • wasps and hornets (bees are friendly though)
  • skunks
  • reality TV shows (especially American Idol and Survivor)
  • sports
  • arrogant guys who think they’re all that and a bag of chips
  • people who think they’re better than people working for minimum wage or at jobs that are not in the legal or medical profession
  • cable (at least until analog disappears)
  • people who abuse animals (I can’t wait until it becomes a criminal offense)
  • cleaning out the fridge and discovering science experiments growing in old pasta sauce
  • dirty old men or boys who will become dirty old men
  • domestic violence
  • cheating on significant others
  • stealing (it’s always wrong except in the case of the entertainment industry and Revenue Canada unless you get caught)
  • American-style news programs (especially Fox)
  • parents who threaten to take kids out to the car when the kids don’t want to be there in the first place (prime example: Frenchy’s when momma wants to dig through the T-shirt bin)
  • alcohol (except those ducky little drinks with umbrellas)
  • Justin Bieber
  • the Slap Chop guy (no I don’t want to try your nuts, and FYI, those choppers don’t work for %$&*)
  • telemarketers (and worse, the recordings of telemarketers!  It’s telemarketing taken to a new low)
  • sales people who work on commission and pressure you into buying something you don’t want
  • extra warranty on my new printer or MP3 player (no thanks, I’ll just buy a new one for less money than the warranty)
  • anything hawked by Wayne Gretzky

    Ear of cauliflower.

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