The bacchanal of Halifax City Council

I hope I’m not the only out outraged that a few Halifax City Councillors are behaving badly.

And I also hope I’m not the only one tired of the bellyaching by councillors who think Peter Kelly shouldn’t have issued a missive telling them to be on the best behaviour.

Politicians need not be perfect.  However, when those who help make laws are those who are flouting them, it is difficult for the rest of us poor everyday slobs to be on our best behaviour.

Drinking and driving is wrong.  No matter who does it.

Instead of getting angry at Mayor Kelly for issuing a memo on drinking and driving, councillors should be unhappy with those who put the public in danger by getting behind the wheel after downing too many martinis.

To quote the old show Street Cents, drinking and driving by any politician is fit… for the pit.

*Your lesson for the day: a bacchanal is a festival of drinking and shenanigans.


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