What if Mozart had Twitter?

Twitter and many other social media applications are changing communications as we know it.  Little symbols, abbreviations, and code have all become part of social media language.  I often wonder what some historical people would Twitter if they were still around today.  (Also, to help you learn your history, I’ve included the history behind the Tweet.)

Mozart may have been one of the greatest classical composers, but he still appreciated a good bag of dog poop. A man after my own heart.

charliedar – Beagle & me back from Galapagos.  AIAMU!

Charles Darwin travelled to the Galapagos Islands and put forth his theory on evolution, that humans were descended from monkeys.  AIAMU stands for “and I’m a monkey’s uncle!”

anguswalters2 – Going for the International Fishing Trophy.  Hope we win 1.

Actually, under captain Angus Walters’s skipperage, the Bluenose won from 1921 to 1938.

abe4ever – Watching Our American Cousin tonight at Ford’s!  Text or come to my box.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated after watching Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre.

amadeus – Sent back of dog poop to Leutgeb.  ROTFL!

Mozart liked scatalogical humour.  (That’s a fancy way of saying poop jokes.)  And he played lots of jokes on horn player Joseph Leutgeb.

thelyon – Broke #Ouija talking to Sir Wilfred Laurier last night.  My bad.

William Lyon Mackenzie King supposedly talked to ghosts and was reputed to have a Ouija board.

billyshakes – 2B or not 2B, that is the question.  LY Anne.

William Shakespeare’s wife was Anne Hathaway (not the one from The Devil Wears Prada.)

aphradite – Major disappointment last night.  OMG can’t believe men!

Aphra Behn’s poem “The Disappointment” was about a man who couldn’t perform his duties in bed.  Well on a field.  But you get the picture.

sultanofswat – Ate Baby Ruth last night.  Tasted like a home run to me.

Babe Ruth was also known as the Sultan of Swat and also inspired Baby Ruth chocolate bars.  They called it Baby Ruth so they didn’t have to pay Babe for the use of his name.

mcsquared – Raise the roof!  Just heard I’m getting the #Nobel!

Albert Einstein’s famous theory was E = MC2.  He also won the Nobel.

teddy15 – Picked up one of those Teddy bears the other day.  Needs glasses, I think.

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt inspired the first teddy bear when he refused to kill a bear during a hunt.  He wore glasses.

chrismarlowe – Last night at the tavern I drank a beer that launched 1000 sh*ts.

Christopher Marlowe was a contemporary of Shakespeare who wrote plays.  In one, he writes, “Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?” in reference to Helen of Troy.

samdechamplain – Out hunting fowl for tonight’s #Order of Good Cheer.  De Monts is going to sing Greensleeves.

Samuel de Champlain was one of the first settlers in Nova Scotia at the Port Royal site.  He began the Order of Good Cheer to combat boredom and low morale.  It was a night of feasting (and likely drinking) and entertainment.

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