Stuff that should ride off quietly into the sunset

Some things should just die quietly.  However, that is a very negative sentiment (obviously some of these things should not die, perish, or otherwise expire), so I’ve decided to craft a list of things that should ride off into the sunset.  And never come back.

  • dreadful diseases like AIDS, MS, Lou Gehrig’s, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer, Rabies, the Clap, etc.
  • Kate Gosselin
  • rust
  • BP
  • Nova Scotia’s HST increase
  • G20 protesters (quietly, ha!)
  • racism, sexism, and all the bad isms
  • humid weather
  • the concept of “bad” carbs (oh how I crave you!)
  • animal cruelty
  • rude people who think they’re better than people earning minimum wage
  • the mourning of Michael Jackson (it’s time to let him go to Rainbow Bridge, people)
  • hypocrites
  • ants at picnics
  • reality television shows
  • Jesse James (and may we never hear of him again)
  • computer viruses, trojans, and whatnot (less whatnot, please!)
  • narrow-mindedness
  • the raccoons which keep vandalizing my property
  • bad drivers (all of which seem to go past my place!)
  • world hunger
  • fundamentalist anything
  • drug side effects
  • alarms that don’t go off thanks to acts of power failure or me setting the alarm wrong
  • Heidi Montag and her plastic surgery (thanks for supporting self-esteem in young women)
  • pollution
  • stained or holey shirts at Frenchy’s
  • people who spit in public (thanks for putting me at risk for TB *#@%$#)
  • one ply toilet paper
  • on that note: people who can’t flush the toilet/wipe up their driblets/make sure there are no surprises for the next toilet-user
  • camera batteries that die just as you’re about to take an awesome picture (I’d like to chuck you into the sunset)
  • and, finally, people who rant on their blogs (see: hypocrite)

    Now there's a lovely sunset.

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