The legend of yuck fu

Choice words.  Cussing.  Obscenities.

These words are the language of the downtrodden, of the hurt, of the frustrated.  Yet sometimes the situation calls for a little finesse.  Sometimes you can’t say what you’d like to say.  So here is a list of some non-obscenity obscenities you can use in mixed company (though note some are derived from religious contexts.)

  • yuck fu (a martial arts move)
  • d’oh (thank you Homer J)
  • Jiminy Cricket!
  • by George!
  • Gadzooks (you need a monocle and walking stick to use this one)
  • firetruck (contains the right letters, anyway)
  • gee willikers!
  • ship (almost sounds like the real thing)
  • crap (PG-13)
  • fiddlesticks!
  • great Scott!
  • good grief (thanks Charlie Brown)
  • tiddlywinks!
  • oopsy daisy (ah, Notting Hill, how you mocked this one)
  • soap on a rope!
  • rapscallions!
  • nuts!
  • dog gone it!
  • darn!
  • shoot!
  • golly!
  • zounds!
  • rats!
  • Jebus!
  • Why, I never!
  • goodness gracious!
  • frig!
  • (insert upside down ! here) ay! caramba!
  • blimey!
  • ah, fuddle duddle!
  • be-atch!
  • ods bodikin!
  • dangnammit!
  • balderdash!
  • good gravy!
  • buck a fuffalo (a Spoonerism, really)

Yes, there are plenty of euphemisms for cuss words.  What is your favourite faux profanity?

Rats! I mean, gerbils! (Is the cutest little gerbil bum ever or what?)
ods bodikinods bodikin

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  1. Laura Best says:

    Here’s some good Lunenburg County one—Lord Lightenin’, Lord Liftin’,Lord Dyin’—-lots of Lords
    here but no g’s on the end of the words. Do you see a pattern? Hehe

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