Nightly visitors: the raccoon booty call

These days, you can’t leave a bag of garbage sitting on your doorstep.  Well, you can.

Maybe it was Cyril Sneer!

But in the morning, what was tied up neatly in black bags is strewn all over the place.

Oh raccoons, how I love thee!

The most puzzling thing about raccoons is not that they root through garbage.  In fact, tearing open our garbage bags makes perfect sense.

However, our raccoons are vandals with diverse interests: they love to play with anything on our porch.

One morning I woke up to grass seed strewn all over the boards.  I’m not sure what was so tempting about a bucket of grass seed, but those little rascals had it upset.  Thanks to them, our garden, just off the step, isn’t growing weeds: it’s growing grass.

Further hindering our gardening efforts: digging fresh mulch away from the trees.

Sometimes the raccoons randomly shuffle things around.  Just enough to know they were there.

And heaven help you if you put food out there.  The neighbourhood’s gone, I’m afraid.

When we were feeding Jack as a stray, we had to put out his food dish only when he was there.  Once he was finished, we had to bring it back inside.  If we left it out, those durn raccoons would finish every last vittle!  I think Jack lost more than a few meals this way.  That’s probably why the critters keep coming back to this day.

One night I saw a raccoon on our garbage box, sniffing around the green bin, right beside the box.  The raccoon was trying to open the lid of the composter.  Even though they’re smart, this animal couldn’t pick up the lid while balancing on the garbage box.  It was his Rubix cube.

Except for the nightly visits to vandalize what booty we have outside, raccoons aren’t so pesky.

In closing, I’m not sure if this is my salute to the raccoon or not.

My animal-watching does not just extend to these masked creatures.  I listen for coyotes and look for bobcats, anything which was once a rarity.  Growing up in the 1980s and 90s, there were few wild animals around.  Now they seem plentiful.  Raccoons, foxes, coyotes, bald eagles… all manner of creatures.

I love taking a flashlight and looking out my window at night, shining two million candlepower over the rolling fields behind my house.  I’m excited and never know what I might see.

Usually, it’s raccoons.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Best says:

    As cute as they are raccoons are so destructive. They get into everything imaginable.

    Many years ago, my uncle had a pet raccoon that he tamed from very small. We often played with it as kids. No matter how tame they become, they are still wild animals. It was eventually returned to the wild.

    1. Miss Julie says:

      I’m happy to report they got into nothing last night. For once. Hehehehehe.

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