Fortune cookies galore!

Oh to be a fly on the wall when people crack open fortune cookies!

Please note these are meant to be fun, not true.  If you want true fortunes feel free to patronize your local Chinese establishment.

Be careful of gushing too much or people won’t like you. CEO of BP

Inaction on the part of politicians leads to action on voting day. Barack Obama

Not all bracelets are pretty and shiny. Lindsay Lohan

She who opens mouth too wide may well insert own foot. Kristen Stewart

Fame may inflate your sense of worth. Kate Gosselin

He who chokes student may well choke off career. Ken Fells

To prevent leaks, use Depends. Carole Olsen

He who has cold feet needs warmer socks. Peter MacKay.

Those who make up silly fortunes may very well have homework which is incomplete. Miss Julie


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