I feel like chicken tonight

New chicks have arrived on the funny farm.  Okay, in my neighbour/cousin’s small chicken coop.

It’s the most amazing thing.  I never had chicks growing up (no farm animals, just a great cat and dog) so it’s amazing to see three bobbing bodies of fluff in the chicken coop, meeping and peeping around their mother.

I, of course, have to eye the rooster carefully because the rooster (cocky fellow, I must say) put the runs to me the other day when I was trying to take his picture.  I’m not sure if he was a superstar, angry at the paparazzi. or simply knew I love Swiss Chalet.

Likely, he was being protective over his chicks because there’s only two remaining from last year’s flock of five; it’s in everyone’s best interest if infant mortality is minimized.

My cousins haven’t been entirely successful with their free range egg operation.  Three out of five hatchlings last year were roosters.  And the one hen became ill and recently passed on (I am relieved to think she was buried even though she never really had a name.)  So egg production is pretty much minimal.

However, it’s amazing to see the creatures clucking and cockadoodling around the property.

As much as I love the wildlife around here (even while I’m a wee bit afraid of the coyotes) I don’t want the foxes, bald eagles, or coyotes to diminish the flock by even one critter.

I have yet to try a free range egg from the flock, though I’m curious to know what the egg tastes like when eats my lawn.

And I definitely haven’t eaten meat from the herd.  To be honest, I’m not sure if I could.  For while I love Swiss Chalet, Chicken McNuggets, flakes of chicken, and chicken noodle soup, I’m not sure I could eat something I equate with the little critters scurrying around the backyard.

I wish I was a vegetarian or vegan.  I love animals, and the thought of them being treated horribly makes me feel ill.  I passed a chicken truck in New Minas the other year and had to go eat at Boston Pizza because I couldn’t eat anything related to meat.  (Ironically, I was headed to Swiss Chalet.)  The image of those sedated or dead chickens took away my appetite for anything but cheese pizza.

However, I have a narrow-minded palate, and taking away a food group means I have a lot less to subsist on.  And to be honest, I do enjoy a good steak with fried onions.

As a consumer, I wish I had the option of buying humane meat.  We have organic meat and local meat, which is all very well, but I am keen to know anything I eat has been treated humanely, even if it’s lettuce.  Not only do I want my animals to be treated well in life, but the manner in which they are harvested is essential.

Eating food which is humanely harvested is appealing on many levels, especially as a meat lover and animal aficionado.  I hope someday it is a wish which will come true and I can pick products with stickers that say they come from humane operations.

I’m not sure this post has a particular point.  That’s okay.  I just wanted to post some chicken pictures.  After all, I really did feel like chicken tonight!

Excuse me while I go eat some cereal or toast.  I am going to pass on the meat tonight.

Three wee chicklets, chirping beside their mum.
The three chicklets.

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